Cheeky Love

Marly is a regular girl like everyone else she just graduated high school and her parents have this new job they are a tour mangers for a new client in England what will happen to Marley when she meets her parents new clients? Will the cheeky boy with curly hair win her over? Will they have "Cheeky Love"? Read to find out......


4. Mystery Celebs........

I went down the line Blonde Quiff, Light brown buzzed, Black Quiff, Brown messed hair, and the next one made my heart stop Chocolate Curls!!! When I took it in and got gained my cool again the scary tall guy cleared his throat.. They turned around and I could feel his eyes burning into my soul! When my eyes meet his beautiful emerald green eyes I've only seen in pictures I want to scream and run up to them and do stuff I choose not to say! But I replied with a smile only to receive a wink back WTF!!AM I BEING HIT ON BY HARRY FUCKING STYLES!?!? I blushed and turned and looked at the ground! My father just had to ruin it by being nice and introducing us! "Hello boys nice to finally meet to my name is Ryan and this is my wife Rebecca and my 17 year old daughter Marly!" The boys all came up greeting us with a hand shake for my father and a hug for my mother but when it got to me I forgot how to breathe the boys all says hello introduced themselves but when it got to Harry he hugged me and kissed me in the cheek!!! TOTALLY FANGIRLING but the boys don't like it when girls scream in there ears so I brushed it off like nothing happened!
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