Cheeky Love

Marly is a regular girl like everyone else she just graduated high school and her parents have this new job they are a tour mangers for a new client in England what will happen to Marley when she meets her parents new clients? Will the cheeky boy with curly hair win her over? Will they have "Cheeky Love"? Read to find out......


3. London!

When we walked through the doors the summer air of London was great I had in a white flowy tank top and a pair of blue shorts with a pair of white TOMS since it was 100 degrees in Atlanta... When our driver got there to take us to the meeting my dad and mom were staring at me?"what" I asked. My mother was the one to speak up " Nothing honey we just can't wait for you to see your surprise!" "Okay, I said trying to hide my agony" I put my head phones in and turned on 1D... About 10 minutes later we pulled up to this HUGE building! I mean good god how high was this thang a million feet?!? Sorry my twang is showing lol! When the driver came around and opened our door and helped me out my father lead us to the "lift" as Brits would call it! My father pushed the 20th floor button and we slowly rose to meet my surprise celeb! When the bell rang and the doors opened my heart was racing I felt like busting through the doors but I keep my cool and held back letting my dad looked at me with a causious look and said " Marley thus is important and you can't scream" ok I answered and I wouldn't scream for the sake if my parents I had to keep my cool who was it Justin Bieber?!? Lol jk not much of a fan if the Biebs! I took a breath as my father knocked in the door... A large man opened it he had blonde hair and was like 7 feet tall when he moved out of the way my mouth went slack I could tell who it was sitting in the chair(S) facing the wall way from me.......
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