Cheeky Love

Marly is a regular girl like everyone else she just graduated high school and her parents have this new job they are a tour mangers for a new client in England what will happen to Marley when she meets her parents new clients? Will the cheeky boy with curly hair win her over? Will they have "Cheeky Love"? Read to find out......


5. Alone with The Boys;D

After we had all meet my father and mother announced they had to go meet with the managers and tour directors before we leave tomorrow.. Asking if I would be okay with the boys I nodded and smiled as my parents and the scary talk dude I've come to find out was Greg the back up body guard for Paul! He is having a baby or his wife is! After the adults left I turned to find 5 beautiful smiles I laughed and said " so what y'all wanna do " and 1 second after I was finished I heard a chuckle from the one and only Louis Tomlinson " WHOA WITH THE COUNTRY ACCENT" I huffed I'm the one with the accent?!? Then Harry pipped up " your in London love, so yes you are(;" I laughed and sat my purse in the table and turned to look at the room as I was taking it in when I heard a beautiful Irish voice talk to me from behind so are ya a fan of us " ehh your fine I guess" then Zayn said " Tell that to your phone" I automatically turned knowing my lock screen was Harry! I turned to find a laughing Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Liam.. And a Harry staring at me with a cheeky smile I blushed and ran and grabbed my phone from Zayn and said so imma fan big deal! You also fancy Harry(;! The oh so obvious Louis said! Ermmm... I replied only to get awwww's from all the boys except from Harry who was still staring at me! Ugh if this boy only knew what he was doing to me!!!
To break the odd silence I saw my only pass time other than friend in Georgia AN AIR HOCKEY TABLE!
EWW I yelled I love Air hockey!! " oh no young one I am the master of that table" Louis said appearing behind me "I bet I could beat you with my eyes closed" I said " HA HA" Louis laughed in disbelief YOUR ON! We both started our game!
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