Love at first Sight?

Jason McCann and his New found love Destiny Marie..,Destiny the quite but yet funny/ crazy girl. The one who some people make fun of,. Can she make the "Bad-Ass".,Popular Mr.McCann of SeaSide Heights like/love her??


1. School

Destiny P.O.V
I really didn't wanna wake up this morning.,Ugh ! But thanks to my lovely friend Lala I woke up:-)..,Sense my sarcasm??..She woke me up at 3:00 in the morning!..,and we stayed up talking untill 6:00...hmmm I guess it's just another miserable day at school.
But I get to see THE Jason McCann again!...yes I have a huge crush on Him even though he makes my life a living hell!!,I don't know theirs just something about him that I find so attractive.
" Destiny!", snapping me out of my thoughts my mom was calling me." yes mommy?!",.." hurry up! Come eat your breakfast'"..,still sitting here in my all purple room, I turn to see the time and it's 8:30 Shit!..30 more mins till school..,I jumped into the shower and took the quickest shower ever, brush my teeth ( gotta take my time with that) and put my hair in a messy bun.And thank god I went shopping yesterday with my mom!..,UGH! I HATE MONDAYS threw on some crop mickeymouse shirt and some black legging with my blue toms..Ran down the stairs into the kitchen took a bite into my waffle .," Destiny why are you in a hurry", " Gotta get to school mom", gave her a quick kiss, grabbed my car keys and bag and took my waffle.,,
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