Love at first Sight?

Jason McCann and his New found love Destiny Marie..,Destiny the quite but yet funny/ crazy girl. The one who some people make fun of,. Can she make the "Bad-Ass".,Popular Mr.McCann of SeaSide Heights like/love her??


4. McCann the Man;*

Jason P.O.V
Yes!, you still got it McCann!.. You should of seen the way she was just drooling all over me..,maybe I got her wet??...~smirking at that thought~ hmmm I walked into English class and their stood the schools slut or better known as Ms.Mculkan " Cougar"..,she hits on all the teenage boys at SeaSide. I'd bang her only if she wasn't twice my age..~oh wait I did ;) I only did cause I needed that 100 to make me pass or else I'll be repeating 10th grade..,not good for McCann,..she was a good fuck though;)..." Mr.Mccann you are late, may you take a seat please?" she said batting her eye lashes at me so,.me being a smart-ass said " I don't know can I?".the whole class laughed,she giggled like she was a little girl and came up to me and said " we'll talk after class now sit down"..,I took a seat in the back of the class and couldn't wait untill it was over
Ms.Mculkan she was wearing a tight black dress that reached right under her ass..DAMNNN ~biting my lips I wonder what she wants to talk about,..because I got some things in mind;)
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