Love at first Sight?

Jason McCann and his New found love Destiny Marie..,Destiny the quite but yet funny/ crazy girl. The one who some people make fun of,. Can she make the "Bad-Ass".,Popular Mr.McCann of SeaSide Heights like/love her??


2. Jason McCann

Destiny P.O.V
Hopped out of my car and ran to my locker, taking all of my books out and took my schedule out. Not looking up I bumped into someone and fell onto the hard concrete of my school.

Jason McCann P.O.V
I came into school late today,.honestly I just don't care the only thing I care about is my brother Alex, partying, and f**** girls and somewhat drugs. Walking to my Locker, interupting my thoughts I see this girl run in and assuming she is probably late also..but why rush?.., wait isn't that the Destiny girl?..~smirking to myself~ I check her out and DAMNNN that ass of hers;..the things I would do to her.Control yourself McCann !..before you make your lil man wake up.but I just wanna rip her clothes off!!..damn it!..if only I didn't make her life a living hell...I didn't realize I was just standing their staring so I decided To go say something to her. Untill she bumps herself into me and falls ~I try not to laugh cause you should of seen the way she fell!!..I reach my hand out to her
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