Love at first Sight?

Jason McCann and his New found love Destiny Marie..,Destiny the quite but yet funny/ crazy girl. The one who some people make fun of,. Can she make the "Bad-Ass".,Popular Mr.McCann of SeaSide Heights like/love her??


3. Embarrassing Moment!!:$

Destiny P.O.V
I couldn't believe my eyes,.when I looked up it was Jason , JasOn McCann he looked like he wanted to laugh and was trying not to. Just great!. probably fell like a retard infront him.., untill he said " Are you going to take my damn hand or what!!"..,obviously annoyed,.thats the thing about Jason he gets easily annoyed..I took it and said thank you.,he look rather good today wear a black vneck with black supras and a varsity jacket with the letters " JM".." You can take a picture, it lasts longer".., shit! Didn't realize I was staring.. He chuckled " don't worry babe, I know I look good and next time watch were your going !!!"..,he yelled..,scaring me I fell back into the lockers..he walked away and looked back and said " if I didn't like you I would totally f you right now babe;)"..,???..the typical bi-polar Jason Mccan for you guys
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