Ally, Niall's best-friend since childhood, has no idea he's coming to her birthday.

She reminiscent to all her memories with him, replaying the tea parties they used to have where, Ally was the princess and Niall was the night and shining armor who would awake her with a kiss.

What Ally never told him before he left, just when he went big, is how infatuated she was with him, how she would do anything for him, that she loved him.

She was sent to Paris for a year, in the middle of winter, of all places, to spend time with her mum's side of the family.

5 famous boys (that could fall inlove with anyone) and an ordinarily girl thrown together for, cocoa and frappes, and cold winter days.

Things were bound to happen, maybe even between best-friends.

You know what they say, the best love stories come out of the ones you can't see, but you know their coming.

Amazing cover photo by: BritishKisses


2. t w o

It's been a couple of days since Niall has arrived, and he spent Christmas here with me, even though I told him to go back home to his family.

He told me he did Christmas the day before he came down, with his family with his friends, in his "boy-band" thing he's in.

But to say it, it's been great reconnecting with Niall, I've missed him so much, and today he said the boys are flying out to come stay with us.

And that's the topic under discussion right now.

"What do you mean there coming?" I asked throwing my hands up in the air, my Great Dane, Smokey looking at me with a questionable look. "My apartment isn't big enough for six people! and I will not have them in a motel, Paris maybe beautiful, but the motels sure aren't!"

"Ally, it will be fine, they can settle sleeping on the floor,until we can find a small place" Niall told me placing his hands, on the small of my back pushing us forward onto the couch. "Now can we watch some TV? The boys should be here any minute"

"Yeah, sure. But remind me to go get some air mattresses later, I don't think I'll have enough blankets to make beds on the floors."I told him settling down beside him, his arms resting around me.

It's crazy because this is what I've always wanted, I've always wanted him to hold me like this, but knowing he doesn't think of me that way, just makes it less special.You know? I mean, you can't not except someone for the way they love you, and just because someone doesn't love you they way they want, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

That's what my dad used to say when I would ask him, why my mom and him divorced, his words never changed, no matter how many times I asked, or when I asked.

That's a totally different situation but still, I think my parents love each other, they haven't seen one another in about 10 years but still, they broke up because of the financial situation they were in, and I know if they were put in the same room just once more, they would fall in love all over again, I just know it.

My point is, even though He doesn't love me how I love him, he cares for my with all he has, and hats all I need from him.

I focused back on the TV, it seemed like Christmas movies were still on replay because, "Home Alone" was on, one of my favorite movies of all time. 

"We're home!" a voice spoke as my front door opened wide, hitting the other side of the wall it was attached to, making me wince.

"Hey mate,watch it this isn't our place" a rather tall boy said, with a birthmark on his neck his buzz cut growing out.

"Okay Liam, I'll try, it's not like I wanted to come here" The rather loud boy spoke, causing me to look at Liam, birthmark boy, and smile, at least he had respect.

Two other boys stumbled in after one another, laughing, and tickling each-other, one had wild curly hair, and the other looked like a vanilla and chocolate swirl cone was on top of his head,but I wasn't going to tell him that, oh no.

"Hey boys!" Niall cheered, obviously happy to see his friends, he gave them all a hug.

"And, who's this cutie pie?" The one with Crazy Curls said, coming over to me, bending down to my level.

"Hi, I'm Ally!" I squealed, probably a little to loud, causing him to crack a smile.

"I'm Harry" He said standing back up, and looking around.

I stuck out my hand to him, and he pulled me in for a hug, as I just stood there in full shock.

"Okay Hazza, don't steal the only women in my life from me now" I heard Niall say as he pried Harry off of me, my face started to feel hot. 

Next the boy with the Ice-cream hair came to me, he was very attractive,  his stubble face, just coming in and his smile, was captivating, but I only had eyes for one.

"Hello Ally, I'm Zayn" He said holding out his hand, making me feel relieved, I didn't have to hug him, I stuck my hand out back and he did something unexpected, he gave me a gangster hug.

You know those hugs were you hold their hand then hug there side.


"Nice to meet you" I smiled, as I heard Niall stifle a laugh, glaring at him, Liam introduced himself, and then a rather sassy one just stood there, arms crossed and his glare stuck on me.

"Come on Louis, introduce yourself" Harry nudged at him

He glared at him and huffed "I'm Louis, and Your Ally!" He raised at me, "Alright, everyone happy?"

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