Ally, Niall's best-friend since childhood, has no idea he's coming to her birthday.

She reminiscent to all her memories with him, replaying the tea parties they used to have where, Ally was the princess and Niall was the night and shining armor who would awake her with a kiss.

What Ally never told him before he left, just when he went big, is how infatuated she was with him, how she would do anything for him, that she loved him.

She was sent to Paris for a year, in the middle of winter, of all places, to spend time with her mum's side of the family.

5 famous boys (that could fall inlove with anyone) and an ordinarily girl thrown together for, cocoa and frappes, and cold winter days.

Things were bound to happen, maybe even between best-friends.

You know what they say, the best love stories come out of the ones you can't see, but you know their coming.

Amazing cover photo by: BritishKisses


3. t h r e e

A/N: Okay my beautiful readers, I'm really enjoying this story and coming up with new ideas for it, I appreciate you guys reading! Make sure you leave opinions & ship suggestments, and fan, fav, like & comment ! xx - Abigail  


We all stood there in my small living room, the boys staring intently at Louis, I was feeling uncomfortable, I never liked experiencing confrontation.

Niall almost spoke up but I cutt in "Alright, who wants to go to the store with me?" I spoke with a clap, earning a glare from Louis.

"I'll go!" Harry said coming toward me, pushing me to the door "Come on Niall!" He said exiting my apartment.

Soon after, Niall pushed out the door shoving his shoes on, muttering something under his breathe, Harry was getting rather close, our hands staying together as we walked, our hands brushing up against eachothers.

"You know Niall, I didn't think she would be this small" Harry said referring to my 5'ft body, patting my head.

"She hasn't grown since year 11, and believe it or not, she's older than you Harry, by one day!"Niall confessed to Harry as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder.

"Really?"Harry said peering down at me smirking, "Cool, but I'm still going to tell people that I'm older"

"Doesn't matter to me, I'm still mistaken that I'm in primary school" I shrugged as we came to the parking garage, and I searched for my car.

( Also has other visuals of her animals & house : )

I spotted it down the line of cars, and ran towards it "My baaaaaby!" I yelled as I came closer to it, hearing chuckles behind me.

"Hurry up! He won't wait forever!" I told the two who were walking like turtles.

"He?" Harry questioned as he approached my vintage babe.

"Yeah it's a boy!" I told him, with a "duh" tone.

Niall shook his head, "Don't bother asking mate, she's had this since year 10" He laughed "I never understood the story"

We all got in the car, I put it into drive and we too off to the store.


"So, what are we here to get Ally?" Harry asked me, our hands touching again, as he looked down at me from the side

"Uh, blow up mattresses!" I told him, and he chuckled, Niall  was ahead of us looking for the mattresses.

We continued walking, and I saw a batman blanket, just what I wanted to get for Smokey, for Christmas! that dog I swear you, is human, he watches batman movies no matter how many times he's seen them.

"Harry, can you give me a lift?" I looked to him, as I pointed at the blanket.

"Sure" he smiled at me and grabbed me by the waist lifting me up, to the top shelf.

His hands literally almost wrapped all the was around my small waist, like is that even normal?

I pulled at the blanket, behind it there was a Robin one.

Okay, my day just got 100% better I could give it to my kitten, Shadow.

She's black and green eyes, I just got her about a week ago, so shes still pretty small.

I grabbed the to blankets, "Okay Harry" I said to him, so h would know he could put me down

"What'd you grab?" He asked me peering over my shoulder his hands touching my waist, leaning on my back.

"Erm, Just picked these out for Smokey and Shadow" I told him turning around my face coming into contact with his chest.

He looked at me with a questionable look , "My animals, You may or may not have noticed my cat, but my big Great Dane is hard to miss" I reassured him, as I heard a clearing of the the throat.

I looked to see Niall with a confused look, but he shook it off.

Nothing right? right.

"OH, looks like you found the mattresses!" I said pushing away from Harry, and going towards Niall.

"Sorry" I said to him, though I don't know why I did, it just kinda slipped.

"Yeah, whatever" He said to me looking over to Harry "Come on mate, lets check out!"

Harry walked over to us, as we made our way to the checkout line, Harry's hands still brushing against mine.

Oh, boy.

This year in Paris is gonna be a long one.




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