Ally, Niall's best-friend since childhood, has no idea he's coming to her birthday.

She reminiscent to all her memories with him, replaying the tea parties they used to have where, Ally was the princess and Niall was the night and shining armor who would awake her with a kiss.

What Ally never told him before he left, just when he went big, is how infatuated she was with him, how she would do anything for him, that she loved him.

She was sent to Paris for a year, in the middle of winter, of all places, to spend time with her mum's side of the family.

5 famous boys (that could fall inlove with anyone) and an ordinarily girl thrown together for, cocoa and frappes, and cold winter days.

Things were bound to happen, maybe even between best-friends.

You know what they say, the best love stories come out of the ones you can't see, but you know their coming.

Amazing cover photo by: BritishKisses


1. o n e



-Niall's POV-

"Guys, are you sure you don't want me to wait until we can all go together?" I asked standing in-front of the gate.

"Yes, mate we're sure" Louis replied patting my shoulder giving me a push in the gates direction

"You haven't seen Ally in ages! I'm sure she'd want you guys to have some 'Nally' time" Harry giggled 

Cheeky, that boy is. 

"Urgh! Hazza! Stop being such a prude!" Liam said knocking him in the back of the head, causing Harold to wine. 

Ha, that's what you get pervert.

"Go see your best-friend, mate, I'm sure she misses you, probably more than you can imagine" Zayn reassured me. 

No Zayn, I missed her more than you could ever imagine. 

"Alright you blokes, I'm gunna get going now, be safe, eh?" 

"Sure thing, Niall, see you in a couple days!" they all told me waving off into the plane, as I looked back to see Harry getting hit again. 

Stupid boy, 

I passed the flight attendant, with pretty eyes, and made my way to my seat, stuffing my bag into the overhead cabinet. 

Sighing, I sat down putting my earphones in closing my eyes, hoping that this 10 and a half hour flight, went by as quickly as possible. 

I really wanted to see my Ally.

-Ally's POV-

that night

I stared out my window, overlooking the streets of Paris and felt the breeze come toward my face. 

It was really cold tonight, I better put on some cocoa. 

The streets were fairly busy, and it seemed from the amount of lights on everyone was still awake. 

I saw two little kids running along the streets after one another, and it reminded me of Niall and I when we were little. 

We would play tag around this time of the year back home and I would bury myself in the snow, blending because of my hair. 

He would always trip on me or just fall over nothing, knowing I would come out, to help.

I focusing back on the side walk, and saw a couple holding hands and laughing, I wish I had something like


With the person I wanted.

I saw a cab pull up outside of my apartment, and a blonde haired fellow got out making his way out and looking up to the building. 

He looked oddly familiar

Then I saw the duffle bag I bought Niall, when we were 15 for Christmas. 

I jumped up, my heart beating faster than ever, running out the apartment door, hearing my ringer buzz. 

I'm coming to you, Nialler.

I pressed the elevator button repeatedly, it was taking to long. 

I dashed toward the stairs, bumping into a bellhop, who yelled some french gibberish at me.

"Sorry!"my Irish accent pronounced , as I jumped over the hotel cat, it meowing at me. 

I came to the door looking through the small hole in the door, seeing him, there in-front of me only a door separating us from years of distance. 

Yanking the door open, he stopped fiddling with his hair and our eyes were locked, a single tear rolling down my face, still silent. 

"Ally" He breathed , grabbing me a pulling or bodies so close together, that it was only the fabric keeping our skin from touching. 

"Niall" I whispered taking my hands and scrunching my hands into fists grabbing his clothes. 

He kissed my head, repeatedly. 

I looked at him and his lips came in contact with my cheek, centimeters away from my lips.

"I've missed you so much" he said to me , his eyes still closed.

You have no idea how much I've missed you Mr.Horan 

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