Water + Fire = Bad?

I don't know what to write so just read to find out!! :)


1. Sammy


Hola muchachas/muchachos!!! My name is Sammy. I have Long straight brown hir that goes down to about my mid back that is 'emo' girl style w/ dark blue side bangs and I have poop brown eyes. I also have snake bites (if you don't know what they are look them up!) I live in the orphanage my parents 'died' when I was 5 years old. That was the day my eyes opened to see what the worlds true colors were like. Well I got to go take care of the youngsters (the orphanage lady doesn't care about us that old butt-chicken) while I am gone here are some things about me:


-Loves the colors Blue, black, purple, green

-loves Tasmanian devils and red pandas    

-Loves to read favorite book: 'The Fault in Our Stars'

- loves music favorite bands (Sammy: to many to name so *pants* much *pants* thinking *faints*)

-dislikes hunters

-white vans

-high heels

-short short clothes

-OH!!!! I forgot to tell you I have to the power to control water like in the awesome show avatar.




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