Water + Fire = Bad?

I don't know what to write so just read to find out!! :)


2. Running away??

Today's the day!!! We are running away!! I'm so exited!!! Ms. whats-her-face (never could get a man tsk tsk) snapped me out of my thoughts screaming "Samantha!!! Get down here!!" I cringed at the name 'Samantha'. ugh old hag... I got out of Liz's room (you'll meet the youngens later :)) and when I got downstairs she said "we're having some......guests at least try and make yourself pretty" putting emphasis on the try.  I went back up the stairs. So *pants* many *pants* stairs *collapses on bed*. I got back up and went to my closet. I got out A white spaghetti-strap dress with a thin black belt in the middle and some black flats. When I got down stairs everyone was staring at me except- of course Ms. whats-her-face. I looked around and it looked like the guests consisted of a boy my age and what looked to be his parents. "you said guest. Not guests. Guest the singular form of guests. What do you have speaking issues or something? Geez." Everyone looked Shocked. Except of course Ms.whats-her-face. She's probaley used to it by now. I just stared at them stuck out my tongue hey don't judge I'm a little kid on the inside :P. Then I just skiped up the stairs and triped over my feet and fell on my bed and fell asleep while drooling :P.


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