Water + Fire = Bad?

I don't know what to write so just read to find out!! :)


3. Nope, we're not running away... poop

When I woke up I saw Ice blue eyes in the middle of my face. So I did the only reasonable thing that someone would do. Scream!! "HOLY SHIZNITS!!! WHO ARE YOU?? OH MY-" He shut me up by putting his hand over my mouth. "Oh ma god. Shut up" He said while rolling his eyes. "Well I would shut up but I just woke up with some PERSON that I don't KNOW in my FACE!!" I screamed at him. He just rolled his eyes and said "I need you to come with me and if you don't come willingly I will force you to come."         "Well I'm not coming so go suck a panda." I snapped. He sighed and covered my mouth with his grubby hands. "Don't touch me with your grubby hands!!" I shouted. He took out a cloth and put it to my mouth. I kept thrashing around and kicked him in the 'family jewels' then ran down stairs only to see his family sitting on the couch talking to her. "You!!" I shouted at his family. "Your son just tried to kidnap me!" They looked worried but then relived. I raised an eyebrow and then I felt a hand go over my face. There was a cloth and I knew not to breathe in. He tickled me so I then breathed in -.- stupid butt-munching-muggle-arse-face!! Then everything went black....





Sorry it's so short I'm running out of ideas plus no one's reading it so....yeah

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