The One

When average, school girl Alice gets the chance to meet One Direction little does she know that her life is going to change forever. Throughout the story Alice learns a lot about boys as her life entertwines with the One Direction boys and the people that she really shouldn't have gotten involved with...


1. Harry?

“Ready? GO!” Before I could respond, I was pushed on stage only to see One Direction beginning ‘More than this’. I started walking away when I noticed Harry staring at me. His eyes analysed my body and I suddenly felt very self- conscious. Not to mention, I was in front of 1000s of fans. Why was he acting like this? I’d never seen him so...intrigued before. That was the only way best to describe it. I started, just when I thought I would be called off stage for the placing of myself must have been a mistake, Niall grabbed my hand closing the distance between me and Harry. “If I’m louder...” He began, locking eyes with me. He walked closer, moving a strand of hair from my face, to behind my ear. I couldn’t understand what was happening, everything seemed so surreal. As soon as the chorus began, the boys walked forwards surrounding me like a protective barrier; but Harry stood a lot closer than any of the others. I looked out to the screaming fans who jumped in excitement and those who bawled their eyes out. I didn’t realise how emotional this experience was to me until the song ended and my cheeks were stained with tears. I was just so overwhelmed to have been on stage with the actual One Direction!

“That’s it tonight guys, you have all be incredible and we want to thank  you all for coming and supporting us!” Liam sang through the microphone. The screaming increased even after we were left in darkness. There was a lot of shuffling behind me but I couldn’t find my way off the stage because it was so dark. I instinctively held my hands out, searching for a wall to lean on. Instead, my hands fell on a full head of curly hair. “Harry, is that you?” My heart thumped so hard I swear it could’ve broken through my ribs at any moment. I waited for a response but none came. Moments later my question was answered when he softly whispered in my ear. To my dismay, the soft chatter of fans bustling away from the arena prevented me from hearing what he said.

“What did you say?” I said with a little less delicacy compared to how Harry whispered to me. I waited for him to whisper into my ear again but he didn’t. Instead I felt the pressure of his lips crashing down upon mine and fireworks exploded at the sensation. I stood bathing in the feeling of euphoria, lavishing in the texture of his lips on mine as he kissed more passionately. This was too weird to understand. The moment ended all too soon as he pulled away. He turned his head so that his lips brushed softly against my ear and said: “I said, you look incredible”. I gasped as light rained down on both of us and I met his beautiful green eyes that studied my face admiringly.

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