The One

When average, school girl Alice gets the chance to meet One Direction little does she know that her life is going to change forever. Throughout the story Alice learns a lot about boys as her life entertwines with the One Direction boys and the people that she really shouldn't have gotten involved with...


2. A call

"You did what?" Tanya exclaimed as dramatically as possible. She flicked her frizzy brown hair out of her face to justify the case. I had just filled her in on the events of last night since she had been standing with me at the One Direction concert one moment, before i was taken out of the crowd unexpectedly and put on stage. The fact that Harry and i had kissed didn't surprise her as much as the fact that i had left him standing looking for me.

Last night, once the lights turned on i lost my nerve being face to face with Harry and legged it. Afterwards i felt so bad leaving him because oddly i knew that in that one kiss we shared, he truly liked me.

"Maybe he loves me but that would be silly because he hardly knows me, right?" I questioned Tanya for she has the most experience with boys.

"I don't know Alice but i think you've got your own Romeo her", she said smirking. I knew that she was more excited with the news because of her love for Liam and that the news offered the prospect that they would meet up and somehow get together, marry etc. She was OBSESSED, but who could blame her when all 5 members of One Direction are amazingly talented and genuinly nice.

"It was like a dream come true but it won't ever last. He's in a british-invasion boyband and wouldn't even be able to find me. He would have to like me quite a lot to try and find me-"

"I have a strange fear of spoons. I have a strange fear-" Tanya's phone rang. Tanya grabbed her phone and within a heartbeat picked up the call; unusually stealthy and quick, even for her.

Immediately after picking up her phone she grew excited but blanked me by turning her body away the moment i tried to ask who she was talking to. She spoke very little giving only the odd "yes", "no", timings and even nodded several times despite the fact no one could see her nod, except for me. After several minutes she cut off the phone.

"You'll never guess who i was just talking to?!" Her pupils were dilated and her eyes flashed with adventure. This didn't look good. Situations such as this were known to cause chaos.




"Paul Higgins!"

"What? Really? How did he get your number? What does he want?" I fired questions at her repeatedly.

"Yes really and he had a favour to ask-"

"That doesn't explain how he got your number!"

"I was just about to say before you cut me off" she said playfully. "Now, Paul said that he had a favour to ask of me and that i shouldn't worry about the whole number business because one of the boys spotted my sign."

"What sign?"

"I was holding up a sign with my name and number on before you got whisked away. So someone must have seen it and decided to get my number. Anyway, Paul was telling me that one of the boys had taken a liking to you during last nights fiasco-"


"His words not mine" Tanya said defensively, raising her hands in surrender; as if to make a point. "This person wants to meet you again for lunch but because of their celebrity status you will be going to the studios and have some lunch there." "Don't worry, you will be the only two there" she added hastily after seeing the shell-shocked look on my face.

"So..." I said stretching out the word to accomidate for my surprise. "...I have a date with Harry Styles." I turned my head to face Tanya and together both our mouth slid into a smile worthy of the Cheshire cat's approval.

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