Breathing hard. Pain easy? (One Direction. 1D)

Hillary Malik.. Also known as Zayn Malik's cousin, is popular. Always been, but that.. That changes, after a car accident. She is still popular. Just in another school. In London, not Bradford. No one in her family could have both her and her brother, so Zayn took her in. She is about to stand before her greatest test. She hates herself. Its her fault the girl with the brownest eyes, and the most blonde hair ever. That is how she sees it.


2. Thank you. For every thing.

I was sitting here, hiding from my uncles.. She is ready to marry away! That is absolutely the only thing they had said all night. Except for my favorite uncle. Yaser Malik! I love him, he acts so British. "Hillary? Pssh! They have left, where are you!" Zayn's great voice. I stood up, and unlocked the door. "Here, so.. we have to go home too now? Right!" I asked. He nodded and smiled. "I miss you!" I said, looking at him with a sad face. "Aww I miss you too Hill, really. Its not the same without you! Its weird huh? How famous I am.. Running on second year." he said, and pulled me out from the closet. He hugged me tight. I have and will always love his sent. "You are lucky! I wish it was me." I whispered into his chest. "Aww, I will kidnap you in the upcoming break! Finger promise?!" he asked and looked at me, holding his hand in front of my face. "Finger promise!" I said, and intertwined my little finger, with his.

I jumped into my seat in the car, with my three year younger brother next to me. "You'll better keep that promise Zaynister!" I yelled and closed the door. He nodded and we drove home. It was a twenty minutes long drive. It was weird. Something felt wrong. And boy, should I know something was wrong. We came to the little forest, right before our house, then the deer jumped out on the road, in front of the car. I had music in my ears. The song Diamonds, with Rihanna was playing. I heard my mom scream. The car started drifting, and then I saw the deer, it hit the car, and the car had so much speed on, so my dad was sliding around. "HOLD ON!" he screamed. Too late. The tree came from no where and the sound of metal being ripped apart was unbearable. It went through my music. Then everything was quiet, except for my music. "Shine bright like a diamond. Shine bright like a diamond." I closed my eyes slowly, believing I said my last words "A promise, I will not be able to keep. Sorry Zayn" I was completely wrong.


6 months later.

My mind was so blurry, all I could see was... Michael Jackson, standing on a bridge. He was waving to me. Like I should cross the bridge, then my eyes shut open. Everything was so bright. "Where are you MJ." I whispered. I heard someone putting down.. a magazine I believe, and there Zayn's face were. "Heeey.. Where are we.. And where did Michael Jackson go?" he was crying. And then his face was gone. I heard him screaming on a doctor, and then a lot of people came running in. Nurses.. yrrrk! "Hey.. uhm am I in the hospital or something!" I studded. "Good morning, you have been in a coma for 6 months." the lady said. "but... huh?" I said.. I could feel that my throat was like sand. "Water! Please!" I whined. Zayn handed me a cup, and I drank it, I feel like Sahara. I said things.. And heard metal being ripped apart. "Uhmm... Where is my mom.. and dad.. And Jamil?" I said worried. "Jamil.. is uhm at my apartment.. Your.. Your parents are gone Hill... They didn't make it." Zayn said a little shaky in his voice. "Oh" I said, and looked at him. I could not understand the words. Their went right through my brain. "Where did Michael Jackson go? He was standing at that bridge, waiting on me." I said a little confused.

"You can go home, after we have taken some blood samples. We are taking them now, so get ready." lady in white said. I didn't feel a thing. "Done." she said. "Do I have any clothes?" I asked Zayn. He nodded and handed me a bag. The took of all of the machines. Thank god! Zayn walked out, with the others and I changed really fast. I walked out of the room, and saw Zayn signing some papers, I walked over to him, and smiled. "Shouldn't my parents sign that!" I said, and chuckled. "Yeah, but they.. they are not here?" he said. "I know that silly!" I said, and walked away from him. "Hey lets.. lets just go home." he said, I nodded and followed him. We came outside, and there was holding a car. "Hey Hazza!" he said to the driver. I looked and chuckled over Hazza's curls. Sweet. Zayn did a thing with his hand, telling me to jump in. I did, then I felt a sudden eager to scream. I was holding my mouth, afraid to scream. "Drive us home Hazza!" Zayn said and smiled relieved. Why you look at me like that dude!

"Is mom and dad, at home?" I asked. Zayn looked scared and confused at once. "I told you twice now.. They died?" he said, a little harsh "Oh.. okay!" I said and looked at him even more confused. I put my hand to my left ear. Then I looked at him. "Zayn.. say something?" I said. I could barely hear anything on my right ear. All I could see was him moving his mouth. "I can't hear anything on my right ear?" I said, and laughed. His faced looked like he was going to jump out of the car. "Come on, it isn't funny!" he said. "What is it that isn't funny?" I asked. He looked angry. I swiped my hand over my forehead and froze.. "Wait.. we are no longer in Bradford? Where the fu... I AM IN LONDON!! WHY THE HELL AM I IN LONDON!!" I screamed, getting really scared. Then it hit me.. The car accident. I looked at Zayn with big eyes. "The car.. the deer.. mum screaming.. dad hold on.. Metal ripped into pieces, it all happened" I asked, he nodded, and I blacked out. I just looked at Zayn, as if he was a ghost.

I was so much in shock, when we arrived at Zayn's appartment, that they had to carry me up. I just.. I couldn't speak. All I could hear was the song over and over again. When we came into the apartment three boys, danced and sang to that song. I jumped down and ran to shut it of. No.. just no, they looked at me, really like.. why you do that! "Not.. Not that song! Cannot.. Cannot hear it! Played when.." for god sake, I cannot even say a sentence right. "Why did you turn it of.. and.. oh never mind." Niall said. I knew who they were. I took my hands up to my ears trying to get the song out. It just didn't work "Zayn make it stop!" I said, nearly crying. Zayn started singing, I don't know which song. Then it hit me, the lullaby. The lullaby my mom sang, when I was afraid. I looked at him, and it helped. "My lullaby!" I said, smiling. "Did it help?" he asked, and came to give me a hug. "A lot, just.. never play that song again!" I whispered. "Sorry love, we didn't know!" Niall said. "Its okay.. I was listening to it, when we.. we.. you know!!" I said.

Zayn looked at me proud. "You are taking this so easy!" he said. I heard someone come out, and then I saw my little brother. "Jamil!" I said, and ran to him, he hugged me and stood there, holding me. Yeah, he is two years younger, and taller than me. "I never thought I should see you again!" he said, and I could feel a tear in my hair. "Jamil, we are going to be fine. Mum and dad would want us to be happy!" I said, he nodded and placed his chin on my head. "Stop making fun of my height." I mumbled, he laughed. "Well we should, probably leave.." Harry said. I turned around a little scared. "NO!! Please stay for dinner at least! I'll go make it now!" I said, and looked for the kitchen. "Uhm.. Hill.. We already ordered Pizza!" Louis said. "Oh.. Okay.." I said, and walked back.. "I need a shower.. Can I go take one?" I asked. "Yeah, your clothes is in your room!" Zayn said.. "My room?" I asked. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me after him, I was literally.. just uhm.. In heaven! I just stood there with my mouth open. "Perrie decorated it." he said, and smiled.

I ran to my bed and jumped into it! I smiled and crawled around in it. "Perfect bed!" I said, and fell down on my stomach. "I am happy to hear that." he said, and left. I smiled like an idiot, when Niall came to the door. "So.. cool room!" he said, smiling nervous. "Hey Nialler, and yeah!" I said. I met the boys, last summer break. It was the best two weeks of my life. "I've missed you Niall!" I said, and smiled. He chuckled and smiled a little. Then I saw him blush. I jumped out of the bed, and walked over to him. "Really I did, miss my Irish idiot!" I said, he hugged me and I kissed his cheek. He blushed even more, I knew, I could feel it. His hugs were the best, he always put his head in to your neck. So warm hugs. "I missed you too!" he said, and pulled away. I smiled and looked into his eyes.. Believe me, I am in love with this boy.. More than you can imagine. He was there for me the two weeks, when Zayn was.. well Starstruck by his fame.

"Well. I should take a shower, I need it!" I said, and opened my closet, and nearly got a heart attack. I ran out from the room, and attacked Zayn. "YOUR GIRLFRIENDS HAS STYLE!!" I screamed. He nearly ran to the door. "Shit, you scared me!" he said,and held a hand on his chest. I just jumped up and down "AND IT IS AN WALK IN!" he just laughed. I ran back to my room, and found the most amazing dress. I took some underwear. My size.. How did they.. Jamil. The perfect brother. I love him so much. The dress was dark green. And the underwear black. I ran to the bathroom and found a shaver. A pack in pink. Perries. She won't mind me using one. I turned on the water, and stripped out of my clothes. The water felt so amazing on my body. I shaved my legs, and it was like a babys but! So soft! I saw that they bought my favorite shampoo, it smells like strawberry's. I washed my hair, and then my body. I was so happy right now. Even though I knew my parents were gone. But I also knew, they looked down on me, happy that I was alive to be there for my brother. And that he was alive to be here for me.

I finished, and got out of the shower. I turned it of, an took two towels. I rapped one around my head, and the other around my body. I felt like a free bird. "Heya!! Hurry up in there I gotta pee!" Niall yelled and banged the door. "Oh uhm, just a sec!" I said, and grabbed the clothes. I unlocked the door and opened it. Niall froze, and looked at me, with an open mouth "All yours!" I said, and walked to my room. I looked back at him before going in to my room, he was smiling a cheeky smile. I closed the door after me, and got into my clothes. The dress was so comfy. So was the underwear. I took of the towel around my head, and looked at my hair.. Still wet and totally curly. I decided to put it in a bun. I walked out, in the dress and some white socks. "Pizzas here!" Zayn yelled, I heard the toilet door open, and turned around, right in time to be tackled by Niall. We were laying there on the wooden floor, in front of the others, cracking our self. It was so funny. "Get your hands of of my sister mate!" Jamil said laughing.

Niall got up, and helped me up too. I was a little dizzy, but turned around. The boys were staring. "What?" I asked. "She.. You.. You have changed so much the past year!" Liam said. I laughed, but blushed anyway. "In a good way or bad?" I asked. "GOOD!" They yelled at the same time. I was in shock. I am not beautiful. The door opened and in came Perrie. "Home! Oh my god!" she said. I laughed, and she ran to me and hugged me. "I am so happy that you are okay!" she said. I was overwhelmed right now. I smiled and sat down, after she let me of. I attacked the pizza, I was so hungry! Niall started laughing. I just kept eating. After four slices I was full. "I think I am going to explode!" I said. The other boys were totally lazy now. "I think I will go to bed." I said, yawning. "Wait, can Niall sleep with you, it is too late to go home, so we are putting them in different rooms.. Only if its okay!" Zayn said. What is he doing, he knows I like him! "Sure?" I said, and got up. I walked in to my room and looked in my closet for a pajamas.

I found some and changed. I was so tired, so I crawled under the covers. And was laying there, almost asleep when Niall came in on tip toes. "I can here you!" I mumbled. "Oh.. I thought you were sleeping." he whispered. He closed the door, and came over to the bed. I could tell he was tired. I saw him, take of his shirt, and socks. The he crawled in under the covers, to me. I could feel his cold skin touch mine, and I shivered. He chuckled a little. I smiled, and hid my face, in my pillow. I looked up and saw Niall look at me. It made me blush a little. "Good night Niall!" I whispered, he smiled "Good night princess!" he said. I fell a sleep, really fast. 


I woke up, and got a bit of a shock, Niall lied there, with the covers off, and I could see his really.. really good six-pack. I am lost now.. When did he get that! I stared a lot right now, then he moved and I nearly shit my pants. He breathed easier and then he slowly opened his eyes. Mine shut again, and I pretended to be asleep. I heard him whisper to himself. "Why.. why did she have to become so beautiful.. I just got over the crush and then it hits hard again. Damn you Zayn.. for letting me sleep in here!" I nearly smiled, but instead I turned on the other side, and smiled, then I pretended to wake up. I turned around again, and hit him, on the stomach. "Sorry!" I said, and covered my mouth! "Oh... is that how we play." he said, and grabbed the pillow. He attacked me, and I jumped him. "No, this is how we do it!" I said, and held his hands down on the bed. He smiled and nodded. "I know, you win!" he said, I moved away. And he pulled me back down. "YOU OW ME!" he said loudly. "What!" I said, and shh on him. "Uhm.. never mind.." he said, and let go. I turned around laying on him. "Yes! What!" I said.

He looked away, and kept his mouth shut. "Really!" I said, and moved away. I pecked his cheek. And got out of bed. I went into my closet, and found a pair of dark red jeans. A black shirt, with a red flower on. I found some red socks, and took them on too. I walked out, and Niall was still in bed, with one of his hands behind his bed. I smiled at him, but he didn't notice. I just tickled him, under his feet, and he screamed a girly scream. "Baah!" I looked weird at him, and walked out. "Mi mi mi mi mi!" I said, to annoy him. I walked to the couch, and sat down, turning on the TV. I just zapped the channels, until I saw the Disney sign. Then I stopped. Wee. The Lion King! I clapped my hands and watched it. Niall laughed a little, when he came in, and sat down next to me.

We were both crying when Zayn and the others woke up. They looked at us like we were idiots. "MUFASA!!" I said, crying my heart out. Niall was holding around me, to get me to stop crying. Like it is helping when you are crying geek. I started laughing, because I saw the others faces. Totally bombed out, and confused. "Mufasa died!" Niall said, crying even more. It was quite funny, that they just stood there. "So Hillary, I was thinking, do you want to hang with us girls today, me, Danielle and Eleanor?" Perrie asked... I was to tell a little scared. "Uhm.. Okay.. What are we going to do?" I asked. "Uhm.. Shopping, that we did two days ago.. Just get some coffee and maybe watch a movie." she said, and sat down next to me. "I'll go make some breakfast!" Liam said. "Uhm.. Okay!" I said. "You don't have to if you don't feel like it!" she said, and put a hand on my thigh. "Well.. if I don't get out, I will be attached to this couch forever." I said. She smiled, and nodded. Just then I smelled bacon. I got up, and ran to the kitchen, followed by Niall. "Fooood Loord!" I yelled and hugged Liam, he put a plate with eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and so on, on the table. I sat down, and Niall frowned "Lady's first!" I said. "Since when did you become a lady!" he said, with a cheeky smile. "Auch.. That hurt.. But not more than this!" I said, and put a bacon in my mouth.

Niall looked mad at me, and sat down. "Well.. alright then.. It is on!" he said. "Like Donkey Kong!" I added. Liam turned around, with a hand on his chest. "I am so proud of you lil sis!" he said, and turned back to the food. "Here Niall. This is for you!" he said, and gave Niall a plate, I was so hungry! "Did you know, that Niall pushes people out of bed!" I said to Liam. "I do not!" Niall said, fast. I laughed and kept eating. Liam left, the others probably doesn't want anything. Niall looked at me, and it annoyed me. "I can't eat when you are staring at me like that!" I said, he just kept on starring. "Fine.. then I wont eat ever again!" I said, standing up. He looked at me, and kept eating. He pointed on my chair, and looked evil at me. "Eat up!" he said. I felt annoyed, only because he was so annoying! I turned around sitting with my back against his face.. Haha not that close though. I ate my food, and finished, kinda awkward though. I put my plate in the dishes and walked by Niall. Just to get dragged down on his lap. "I know what you ow me!" he whispered. "What" I mumbled. "A kiss!" he said.

I turned my face, and it was probably as red as an tomato! "What!" I asked again. "a kiss!" he whispered. I got out of his grab and ran for my room. I jumped under the covers and covered my head with my pillow, I was screaming like an insane person. He wanted a kiss! A kiss! I know he likes me! But.. I can't kiss him. Now.. Now I will play costly! I screamed for five minutes, until I heard someone laugh. I looked and there all of the boys were, laughing. Except for Niall, he was not there. "What.. are you mental or something!" Louis said. I looked evil at him, and threw my pillow in his head. He laughed and threw it back. Miss! "Miss!! Loser!" I yelled and jumped out of the bed running for my life.

Louis, was already hot on my tail, and suddenly I became a ninja. Seriously fast and jumping over everything. Perrie looked at Louis, in a well Perrie way and he stopped. I fell to the floor, trying to catch my breath. Louis laughed and walked away. I got up, thanking Perrie, who just laughed. "Ready to go?" she asked. I nodded and smiled. I got up, and so did Perrie. "Leaving, we'll be back in some hours!" she yelled. "Take care of her!" Zayn yelled. "You bet!" she yelled, I looked at Niall, in the kitchen. He looked sad. I smiled at him, and followed Perrie. It was chilly.. What month are we in. The accident were in January. Six months.. Oh god we are in August.. My birthday is soon. Or.. First in September, but, yeah.. "So, we will meet the girls at Katys. A little coffee shop, after that we will go watch a movie" she said, and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the stairs. I chuckled a little, and we came outside. The sun was shining, and it wasn't so chilly after all.

She jumped into her car, and I followed. She pulled out, and we were on our way. It felt weird in a car right now. We arrived fast, and I could see Eleanor.. So beautiful. She parked and we got out. "HILL!!" Eleanor screamed! She ran to me, and gave me the biggest hug! I just smiled, and hugged back "Hey El!" I said, Danielle smiled like a sunrise. "My lilsis!" she said and hugged me. "Coffee!!" we all said. It made us crack up. We walked in, and it was like everyone stopped breathing. Just because we came in. No line, so we ordered right away. "Just a coffee with milk" I said, the girls ordered something a little more classy. I just went to sit down. The others came right after me, and some girls followed. "Perrie, can we get your autograph!" they asked eagerly, I just smiled. It was so amazing, all the girls that came to Perrie and loved her, even though she was dating Zayn. "Who are you?" one of them asked. "Uhm I am Hillary Malik.. Zayn's cousin!" she dropped her pen. "Oh god.. I am so sorry about what happened!" she said, and hugged me. I was shocked.

"Thanks.. It is okay!" I said. She smiled sad, and walked away nearly crying. "Uhmm.. what just happened?" I asked. Perrie smiled "You have been in the news and all of that, because of the accident. So people know you now." she said. I drank my coffee, and needed something else to think about. "Movie?" I asked, they nodded and we went to the cinema. I was the one to chose! "The.. uhm.. The.. I don't know! Harry potter!" i said. They agreed.


After the movie, I felt my phone buzzing. *hey cous.. Uhm, you have to be with Niall tonight. I am doing this special thingy for Perrie, so yeah. You are sleeping at his flat, is that okay.. Jamil is with Liam, until tomorrow. See ya XX Zayn* I just sighed, and walked out. Niall was there, ready to take me with him! Damn.. oh god he looks good! "See ya girls!" I said, and walked ovet to Niall. "Hey love!" he said. "Hi.." I said, still annoyed at him. "Still mad?" he asked. I ignored him. "I am hungry!" I said. He just smiled. "Okay, lets go to Nandos then.. Right down the street!" he said, and took my hand and started to run. I really didn't see the next thing, that was going to happen. Not at all. We ran through the people, and suddenly I lost the grab. I got knocked over, and fell to the sidewalk. I opened my eyes, after the fall and looked into some green eyes. "I am so so sorry!" he said. He pulled me up, and I was in a trance. "Hi..." I said, and smiled. "Hi.." he said, and blushed. "I am uhm.. Hillary!" I said, he smiled. "I am Harold." he said and smiled. Niall was looking at us, but I didn't mind. He grabbed something in his pocket and handed it to me. "Call me, please I would like to see you again!" he said, and kissed me on the cheek. Then he left.

I walked over to Niall. He grabbed the number, and threw it. "You don't need that, you do not even know who he is. Come on!" he said and pulled me after him. "Hey.. You cannot just do that!" I said, and pulled my hand to me, walked over and grabbed it again. He looked sad, mad and broken at the same time. He was right.. I didn't need it. I walked to a trash can and dumped it there. "Sorry, you are right!" I said, he still had the same face. He turned around and started walking. I followed him, really fast. "Niall, wait up!" I yelled. He just, walked right past Nandos. Did I do this.. Was it my fault. I ran after him, and grabbed his arm. "Why the hell are you doing this!" I said, nearly crying. He just looked away, and pulled his hand to him. He walked and I followed him, slowly. I felt like my heart was shattering. Breaking into pieces. He walked into a building and I followed him.

I was.. devastated. We were now in his apartment, and I was on the edge to cry. "I'll just, order some pizza!" he said, and walked out to his kitchen. I was sitting there in the dark, with only the TV's light on me. I have never in my life, felt so alone. Just because I bumped into this guy Harold. Niall sat down, in a chair some feet away from me, I just looked at him. Without him seeing it of course. I was so down now. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. I wiped them away, right when he looked. I didn't care if he saw it. Suddenly I felt arms around me, and a kiss in my forehead. "Sorry.. I really didn't mean to make you cry.. I guess, I was.." he just stopped. "What.. You guess you were what?" I asked, trying not to making my voice break. "Jealous.." he said. I looked at him, right in the eyes. "Yeah right... last summer you didn't even notice me.. And I was gone.. still am.. I cannot fucking get you out of my head Horan, and it is killing me!" I said, letting even more tears fall. He wiped them away.

He was smiling. "Why the hell are you smiling!" I said annoyed. Then out of no where, he kissed me. So much hard work.. Nothing really.. Fuck it. He kissed me. I kissed him back, but it was weird. I always wanted this. And now I had it. I wanted this so bad, but I was in a wrong place to be with a boy I love, right now. I put my hands on his chest, and pulled out. "Niall.. I cannot do this.. Not right now, there is so much going on.. In just two days, I am starting in a new school and... you.. with all your work.. Sorry Niall. I am just.. Not ready to a relationship at this moment." he looked at me, a little sad. "Its okay." he said. "Thank you. For every thing.


How do you like the first chapter, I am in love with it! So I hope, that there will come likes and you will favorite it:D Cheers, and Merry Christmas.


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