Breathing hard. Pain easy? (One Direction. 1D)

Hillary Malik.. Also known as Zayn Malik's cousin, is popular. Always been, but that.. That changes, after a car accident. She is still popular. Just in another school. In London, not Bradford. No one in her family could have both her and her brother, so Zayn took her in. She is about to stand before her greatest test. She hates herself. Its her fault the girl with the brownest eyes, and the most blonde hair ever. That is how she sees it.


5. Life is easy... Bloody rubbish.

I woke up. It was my birthday! Yeeey! I got out of bed and smelled pancakes! I just smiled, and walked out there in my shorts and tight strop shirt. I saw Perrie and Zayn in the kitchen and they were letting Jamil sleep in. I smiled, when I saw the giant cupcake. I smiled and clapped my hands. I was happy, my parents always did this! So they remembered. I attacked the cupcake, and it tasted delicious. My mouth was filled, it tasted like heaven. "Why did you get this cupcake" I asked with my mouth full of it. They laughed and smiled. "The bakery on the other side!" Zayn said. "HEAVEN! I am not lying!" I said. I was still touched over that three days ago but I was putting it aside. "When are you leaving?" I asked, a little sad. "In an hour. The boys are coming in 10 to say happy birthday" Zayn said, and placed some bacon and eggs in front of me. "Sorry! Full!" I said, and ran to take a quick shower.

I was already finished in the shower, when I heard the boys come in. I jumped out, and wrapped a towel around me. I ran to my room only in my towel, then I dried myself and got into my underwear. Right then the door opened. I screamed and jumped behind my bed. Struggling to get in my pants. It was Nialls laugh. Phh! "Hey princess.. Only me!" He said, I got in my pants and stood up. "Okaaaaaaaay!" I said, and ran to kiss him. I grabbed my pink shirt and put it on. He was standing there, biting his lip. "Pervert!" I said. He winked and grabbed me around my waist, pushing me to the bed. He kissed me on my lips and down my jaw. Getting me to moan a little. He continued down my neck, finding all my weak spots. I was holding my mouth, just so I wouldn't moan to loud so the others would hear it.

He chuckled a little, and continued. He didn't try to grab my boobs or ass, he was gently, and was only kissing my neck. "COME ON!" Louis yelled. "Rain check?" I said. He kissed me one last time on the mouth and nodded. He got up and helped me. We walked out and there stood the boys with, party hats and presents. "Aww you didn't have to!" I said, and nearly cried. "Yes.. everything for our little sister!" Louis said, and came to hug me! "Aww, best birthday ever!" i said. He smiled and handed me the present. "Mine first! Eleanor helped me pick it out!" he said and smiled a big smile. I opened the present and saw a box from Dolce and Gabbana. I opened the box and saw a midnight blue dress. It was old fashion design. So beautiful. "It is gorgeous!" I said. "You can wear it tonight when the girls are taking you to dinner!" he said. I smiled at that surprise. "My tuuuuuurn!" Liam said and handed me the present. I opened it and was overwhelmed. "It.. It is beautiful!" I said, and lifted up the bracelet. I looked at it and saw some words. "Forever and always yours" it said. "It is from all of us. Here is my presents!" he said. I took it and opened it.

Inside I found a note. "Little sis, this will always remind you of me!" I read. He smiled and I opened the box. It was earrings in gold. I smiled really big. "My turn!" Harry said, and laughed. "Not so perfectly wrapped." he said, and blushed. I opened it and looked at the Iphone 5.. I gasped. "An Iphone 5!" I said. It was great. "Yeah.. and all of your old numbers are in it!" he said and smiled. "Thank you so much!" I said. "Zayn!" Louis said. "Yeah.. Here is my gift!" he said. I opened it and saw a medallion. "Its me, you, Jamil and your parents from that day you all came to visit." he said. I opened it and saw the text. "Always in our hearts!" I started crying and took it on. "Always" I said. "Here is the present from your parents." he said. I looked at him, and was taking the gift, slowly. I opened it with shaky hands. There was a letter in it. *Our dearest daughter. The time is here, you are 18 and has become the most beautiful woman. We are so proud of you. It has been the best, seeing you grow up. We know it is hard for you to miss Zayn. So we have made an arrangement. We bought you an apartment right next to Zayns. He is looking so much forward to have you as an neighbor. We will always love you, and we are going to visit you a lot. We love you. The keys is in this box and it is already furnished. There is an extra present too. Look in the box with the keys. Happy birthday. Mom and dad.*

I was crying really much now. I opened the box and saw the keys. I handed them to Zayn and he took them, I saw a dvd in the bottom. I stood up and walked over there to put it in. I hit play and my parents was on. "Happy birthday love, here is your life!" they said at the same time. It started when I was learning to walk. And it went on for a while. Then it came to my performance on the school. I was singing I will always love you by Whitney Houston. Everyone froze. "Is.. is that you!" Zayn asked. It was last year. "Yeah... Mom was was really proud." I said. "I bet she were" Jamil said, he had just woken. "She didn't talk about anything else than that for a week. I have never seen her so proud!" he said, and started crying. After that they came on again. "I was so proud. I still am, I don't know why, you was hiding that voice. We know you are going to be something big. And when the time comes, when we aren't around here anymore. You will know that we are looking down at you, and be so proud. Jamil. Be nice to her! Take care of her!" she said, and it ended.

"I will.. Always!" he said. I was staring at the black screen. I felt a hand on mine. "I still can't believe it.. they aren't here.. They should be here!" I mumbled. I was pulled into a hug by Zayn. I didn't even notice that he sat down beside me. He was crying too. I wiped away the tears and hugged him back. "Is it the apartment on the other side?" I asked. He nodded. I took the keys and walked over there, unlocking the door. The first thing I saw, was our family portrait. I was smiling now. It was a sad and happy smile. I looked around and saw my room. It was fantastic. I was smiling really big now, "Well I am going to move in here!" Jamil said. "NO!" I said, and he laughed. I saw the red couches, and the flat screen.

This was the beginning of my new life, I was happy, but I am still missing my parents. I turned around in the apartment and noticed that no one was in here. "Niall!" I said. No answer.. I walked to the door, about to slam it. When someone put a foot in the way. "Auch! Not nice Hillary!" I was so scared. It is Harold. "Hey, the others said you were over here. Nice apartment. So.. haven't been much in school lately?" he said and gave me his cheeky smile. "No.." I just said. "NIALL!" I yelled. "Oh.. you don't want to be alone with me.. I cannot see why" he said and closed the door, locking it right after. "Why did you chose him!" he asked, with the most angry voice.

"I.. I! NIAALL!" I screamed again. Can't they hear me. "Please not now!" I said. "Okay. Only because its your birthday!" he said, and unlocked the door. No one came, I walked towards the door. Trying to get to the others. "Hey.. we gotta go now!" Niall said and kissed me. "Okay, could you please follow Harold to the door!" I said, he nodded and gave me a strange look. "Come on Harold!" he said, and Harold followed like a little boy. They left and I walked to my new apartment, slamming the door shut, locking it right away. I felt like taking a nap. I went to my room, jumping under the covers. I fell asleep right away.

I heard someone breath next to me. I just thought it was Niall so I moved closer, when the person touched me, I froze. It wasn't Niall. "I changed my mind. Just because its your birthday, I won't let you miss it!" he whispered. I tried to get away but he grabbed me, he was more rough this time. Hitting me and so on. I was screaming so loud I could. But it was like my scream drowned. He started kissing me, on the mouth at first. Then down my jaw. I was paralyzed. I couldn't move, he was pressing me against the bed, with all his body weight. He grabbed my hands and held them over my head. He was enjoying this so much. "Stop it! Harold stop it!" I whined. Then he found my week spot. "STOP!" I said, and moaned. I screamed again. I was so scared. He was holding my hands with only one hand, the other one searched my body. Leaving burns. Not the good once. "NIALL! NIALL HELP!" I screamed. I was so terrified. He got more angry when I called his name. He ripped my pants apart and started touching it, he took two fingers, and moved it inside me. I screamed, it felt terrible. "STOP STOOOOOOP!" I screamed. I heard the door bang open, and in came Niall. He looked mad, crazy and so on. I got mad too, I started kicking, screaming, biting and so on. I was done.

He got down from me, and fell to the floor I grabbed the covers and covered my vagina. I was so weak. Niall attacked him, and he screamed. In came the other boys. I heard a shot gun and I blinked. Harold was laughing. He stood up, looking on me with the most crazed look. "You are mine! Now look at your little boyfriend!" he said. He came toward me and grabbed me, pointing the gun at my head. "Let us out, or I'll kill her too." he said. "N... niall!" I said. Liam was pale and ran to Niall, he sat by Niall. "NIALL NO NIALL, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Liam screamed. The rest of the boys followed, and tried to wake him, while Harold was taking me with him. "Zayn. SAVE HIM!! I love you! Forever!" I screamed. Then I felt something sharp in my head. And everything was black.

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