Breathing hard. Pain easy? (One Direction. 1D)

Hillary Malik.. Also known as Zayn Malik's cousin, is popular. Always been, but that.. That changes, after a car accident. She is still popular. Just in another school. In London, not Bradford. No one in her family could have both her and her brother, so Zayn took her in. She is about to stand before her greatest test. She hates herself. Its her fault the girl with the brownest eyes, and the most blonde hair ever. That is how she sees it.


6. Help me?


Where am I? Ah.. that light is annoying. Turn it of! TURN I.. wait.. why can't I talk.. Hey.. What is this? A.. A cave? What am I doing in a cave.. Wait.. its not a cave, its a deep black hole? But? How did I get here.. What is that beeping sound. Who.. who is that calling me? "Niall.. wake up! I beg you! Don't.. please, please come back. We need you! Come back! Don't be in that coma!" who was it? LIAM! "Liam.. he is coming back.. don't worry! I.. I have to find her.. I have to find Hill, wh.. what if he kills her!" who.. kills who, and who is killing who. "Zayn. You have to let the police find her.. Harold's dad told us that he was.. sick you know! But he would never kill anybody." god this is annoying!

"Hillary is not gone forever. She is coming back! Alive!" Harry yelled. Hillary.. HILLARY! I fell to the ground, looking for a way out. Why isn't there a way out! Where is it! I was crawling all over the floor. "Hillary!" I tried to say her name, but it was impossible. I got up, and walked to a wall. I saw all the different rocks sticking out. I could crawl this thing! Lets do it. I started crawling, and I felt like I could breath, for every itch I got up. I came halfway to the top, with the annoying life. When I slipped. I lost my grab and fell. I couldn't even scream. I hit the floor, but it didn't even hurt. When I opened my eyes, I saw a little red box in front of me. What the.. Fuck!


I could feel the cold floor, on my bruised body. It felt like needles being stabbed in my body over and over again. I moved a little it was hurting so bad. "Awake my beauty." Harold said. I froze, and opened my eyes slowly. "Now we can get some fun!" he said. He came, and pulled me in my hair to the bed. "Where am I" I said. I was getting scared now. It felt like I was burned all over. "Well.. come on love!" he said, and pulled me up in bed. I could feel that I had no clothes on, and it felt so.. so over my level. He took of his clothes, I started crying when I saw it. I was terrified. "No! No!! I beg you, stop!" I said, through wimps. He grabbed me roughly and put his penis in me, I screamed again, and again. Nothing he would do to me, would make me enjoy it!

"I know you want it!" he whispered in my ear. I felt the pain in my lower body, and it felt like.. something I never felt before. It was the most painful thing in the world. He did it harder and harder, I tried to scream but my screams drowned. It was so.. so horrifying. This.. I would rather die! I was going to end this, before he could do it again. He pulled it out and stood up. "Its over.. next time, you will enjoy it!" he said, he grabbed his clothes and walked out a door. He locked it. I was lying there wimping. I found my clothes and took it on. I hated him. I heard the door again. And he came in. "Oh yeah, just so you know! Your boyfriend is dead!" he said. He walked towards me and grabbed me by my arm. He pulled me out the door, and I saw a hob. I looked at him, with the most begging look ever. He pulled my sleeve up, and placed my arm on it. I screamed my lungs out. The pain was.. Yeah so painful that I fainted.

I woke up and saw the light through the window. I want to get out. I was looking at my arm, it was all red, and wrinkled. I touched it very gently. It felt like hell. I just turned around and decided to sleep.

2 weeks later.

It had been two weeks.. he kept telling me how many days that I had been here. It was hell on earth. I was more scared and scarred than ever. He was meaner and meaner every day and it could not be worse. He came at the same time every night and it was about to be that time. But this time I was ready, I am going to escape. I had a brick, I got it from the wall. It was perfect one hit, and he would be out. The door opened and in he came. He came to the bed, and I grabbed the brick. He didn't even notice, one hard hit and he was out. I grabbed the key from him, and ran out the door. I locked it after me, and ran for my life. We were in a forest. I know this forest. This house.. we walked here when I was here last summer. I know the way. I started running towards the city.


I can't take it anymore. I am so.. so confused, scared and angry, she has been gone for two weeks, and Niall won't wake up! I have been crying like mad. Perrie can't get me to stop. I was in the room at the hospital. When I heard doctors scream for help. I ran out, and saw a girl on the floor. I didn't think it through. "Zayn!" she said. I just walked in to Niall again. "Is there anyone who will take care of this girl. I found her on the highway, on the way to London. She kept talking about her boyfriend. He got shot." the man said. Then I heard Louis scream. "HILLARY! ZAYN ITS HILLARY ITS HER!" I froze, right when I was on my way to sit down. Niall monitor started beeping like crazy, I ran out the hall and saw her, she was in Louis arms, she was so beaten. She was awake. "L..Louis! I found you!" she said, and touched his cheek. "Niall! is he okay!" she said. "Help her! HELP HER!" I screamed. I ran to her, and picked her up. "WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU HELPING HER!" I screamed. "I am fine Zayn.. I am okay.. I am happy!" she said, I was crying, and the tears were hitting her face. "Don't cry, I won't leave again. Ever!" she said, then she blacked out.

I was out of my mind. I can't lose them.. I just can't bare it. What will we do, if Niall dies.. Split probably. I would leave the group if Hillary dies, that is for sure. I love them. I know none of them will get out of this easily if one of them dies. They just gotta live! I have to save them. The doctors pulled away Hillary. It felt like they took a piece of my soul. She was taken into a room, and the door was shut. Right after they were moving her to a different room. "We have to give surgery. That bastard raped the poor girl!" a nurse said, like I wasn't there. I was furious. I went to Niall's room, I was really mad at him. And myself. "WAKE UP!! NIALL WAKE UP NOW!! HILLARY NEEDS YOU.... HE HE.. he raped her!" I yelled and whispered the last part.


"WAKE UP!! NIALL WAKE UP NOW!! HILLARY NEEDS YOU..... HE HE.. he raped her!" Zayn yelled. I almost missed the last part. But I heard it.. quite well. Wait.. wake up, I am awake! "GET OUT OF THE COMA!" Coma! Wh... what? Coma? I have to wake up.. I have to be there for her, she needs me! I opened the red box, and saw the ring. It was for Hillary. I walked over to the side again. Now.. Now I will get up to the light. I climbed the wall, and as the last time I fell down, at the same spot. "Believe it! You can do it.. You can save me!" Hillary said. I opened my eyes and saw her, in the midnight blue dress. She was smiling and looked so stunning. "I believe you can do it! Do it for me.. Niall.. save me!" she said, she started getting all blurry. She was reached out her hand, to touch my cheek. When she did, she disappeared. I got up again, and started climbing, saying her name. I got up there really fast. I reached over the top. And then everything was black with a little light. "Hillary!" I whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Seeing nothing but Zayn. He was hiding his face in his hands. "Zayn" I said. He just shook his head. "ZAYN" I said a little higher. He looked up. "WHAT!" he screamed. His face changed. "Niall, you are awake." he said. "Finally! After my screaming, you chose to wake up the day after. Great!" he was mad at me. "Hey.. be nice! Where is Hillary!" I asked. "She is in the room next door. She wont wake up.. they say she wont make it!" he said, and started crying. I plugged me out of the machines, and got out of the bed. "Niall, wh.. what are you doing!" he said concerned. I grabbed the wheelchair at the corner and placed myself in it. I saw the nurses, when I drove out. I got to her room, but hesitated. I have to do it, I have to save her!

I spun the wheel and saw her there. I looked at all her scars, her bruises. I got over there, and looked at her. I started cuddling her cheek. "Hill.. love, wake up! I need you! I will always need you!" I said, I was about to cry. I got up, so I could get a better look. She was so.. peaceful. I kissed her lips gently, and a tear fell on her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes, the big brown eyes. "Niall!" she whispered. She smiled weakly, and I kissed her again. I will never ever leave her again. She smiled, and grabbed my hand. Her eyes were dark and empty. I will never get my Hillary back. I lost her, I was to late! "Hillary, come back to me!" I whispered. She looked at me, like I was air. "I can't" she said. Sadly I didn't know that, that was the last thing she would say.. in years. Help me? Help me to say her!

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