Breathing hard. Pain easy? (One Direction. 1D)

Hillary Malik.. Also known as Zayn Malik's cousin, is popular. Always been, but that.. That changes, after a car accident. She is still popular. Just in another school. In London, not Bradford. No one in her family could have both her and her brother, so Zayn took her in. She is about to stand before her greatest test. She hates herself. Its her fault the girl with the brownest eyes, and the most blonde hair ever. That is how she sees it.


7. Find me? Save me! Love me?!


Two years.. Niall.. he has been by my site, all this time! All this time, without me talking to him. Kissing him or hugging him. I was scared. Harold was long gone, but I could feel something in the dark. Someone was waiting to hurt me. Every time I close my eyes, I see Niall.. bleeding.. dying.

"Harold, please. I beg you stop!" I said. Everything blurred out, and I heard the shot. Felt the grab he held me in. Pulled me away from the others, and I saw him. I saw Niall on the floor. Closed eyes, and the blood. The blood everywhere. I am never going to forget this. The sharp pain in my head. Then the cold floor.

I opened my eyes with a gasp. I looked down at my arm, and ran two fingers over the scar. It.. it was so ugly. I felt a hand on my arm and looked up into Liams brown eyes. "Hey.. are you okay love?" he asked, I stood up, and walked to the bathroom. I closed the door and looked in the mirror. The scars in my face were all gone. But my mind and eyes, is haunted forever. I am silenced for life. I heard Nialls voice, and I walked out. I need to show him I love him. All he has been here, all this time. Trying to get me back. I walked out there and saw his sorrow in his eyes. I walked over to him, looking at him. He have had those eyes, every time he looked at me. I put my hand on his cheek. He got surprised over the touch. He stepped back. I lifted both of my hands and placed them on his cheeks, this time he put one of his hands on one of mine.

I moved really close and tried smiling. But I just couldn't. I was leaning my forehead against his. Then out of nowhere I just kissed him, I hadn't felt this feeling, since the day I woke up. I kept kissing him, and he placed his hands on my back, pulling me closer. He spun me around, getting me to smile in the kiss. He pulled his lips away from me, but I wanted more. "I love you!" he said. I froze.. I have to speak! I love you too.. It was all just miming. I got mad at myself. Say it!! Say it! "I.. I love you!" I whispered, really hoarse. His face went from sad to totally completely shocked. "Zayn.. no LIAM!" he screamed. Liam walked out from the kitchen slowly. "Yeah.. wait?? Heeya!" he said. "Now she just need to talk." he said and smiled. "Check!" I said. Low! Liam was jumping up and down. It made me smile. Somehow I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same.

The things I knew for sure. I love Niall, and I want to spent my life with him. I am scarred but will get over it... sometime. I have my family and friends to help me through this. But.. I know I will never be the same. "Hey were home? Something new with Hillary?" Jamil asked, he was most hurt by this. "No.. not so much." I said. I had been drinking so my voice was better. "Okay... I'll go to my room." he said and sighed. He went in there and closed his door. "What?" I said.. right when Zayn and Perrie walked in. "YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME JAMIL MALIK.... CANNOT EVEN RECOGNIZE MY FREAKING VOICE" I yelled. He opened the door and looked confused around. "Stop talking like my sister.." he said. "No.. I won't!" I said, annoyed now.

His eyes widened, while Liam was jumping up and down with Zayn, Zayn were looking at me, scared. But happy. He was crying a little. But wiped away the tears. He grabbed his phone, and started to text. I felt arms wrap around me, and lifting me up. Jamil was finally happy again. I was pretty sure I was getting better. I really am. Niall grabbed me from Jamil, and spun me around smiling like an idiot. "Zayn I need you and the guys help later!" he said, and kissed me. He sat me down. "I'll be back later!" he said. Then he ran out the door, and in came Louis and Harry. "What is so important?" Louis asked. I started screaming his name, and attacked him, he fell with me on top of him. He was totally pale when he looked at me. Then he smiled and hugged me, and we were just on the floor. We were laughing like crazy.

It had been an hour, and now Niall came back. "Boys! Were leaving! Really important!" he said, and the boys ran after him. Perrie and I looked at each other really weird. "Well.. that was weird?" she said. We started zapping through the channels and stopped at Disney. Hannah Montana were on. We laughed and kept seeing it. Then Perrie got a text. "Wanna go out to grab something to eat?" she said. I nodded. "Take on the midnight blue dress!" she said. I looked at her with a question on my lips. "Just hurry!" she said. I got up, and walked in to take it on. I grabbed my black heels and got on a little make up. She was already ready when I got out. I had just put my hair in a bun. She smiled. "Perfect." she said.

We got down in the car and she drove to a weird building. She stepped out, and looked at her phone. "Come here?" she said, and took a scarf from the back of the car. She blindfolded me, and grabbed my hand leading me. We got inside and she sat me on a chair. I heard a click and she took of the scarf. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything. I got a little scared, then a big spotlight was on and it was pointing at me, in the middle. I saw a lot of girls. They screamed when they saw me. "Nialls princess!" some of them said. I saw some people on the stage and got up. Someone started playing a familiar song. Perrie told me to go to the stage, I was in a trance. Then someone started to sing. "Its a beautiful night, were looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby I think I wanna marry you." the person continued and I got on stage, with the spotlight following me. I stopped and looked at the person, it was Niall. He was the one singing, with the boys as a background choir. I was smiling. He stopped singing and got down on one knee, singing the last six words. "I think I wanna marry you!" he said.

Then it hit me. He was.. he was asking me to marry him. "Hillary Julia Malik.. I have waited to hear your voice for two years. I made a deal with myself. The day you talked again, I was going to ask you to marry me.. be mine forever. I hope you will be mine, we have been going through a lot and.. I was scared that I would lose you forever.. The day you woke up.. You.. it seemed like you were lost. Hillary.. I will never bear to lose you ever again. Will you do me the honor to be mine?" he asked. I looked at him, with tears running down my cheeks. I looked at Zayn, he was smiling. "I.. I am.. yes! Yes I will!" I said. Most of the girls were screaming.. some were crying. He was standing up, putting the ring on my finger. I hugged him, and he kissed me. This.. was the best thing in the world. The doors opened, and in came... My uncle Yasar. "I will not allow this.. except if I am the one to give you away!" he said. I pulled away and ran to hug him. "Always uncle!" I said and hugged him. He was smiling big.

"I am so happy, that you got through it hun.. We missed you!" he said, and took my hand and pulled me back to the stage. He took Nialls hand and placed my hand in his. It was the right thing to do! "I love you!" he said. I smiled and looked in his eyes "I love you too!" I said. Right now, I am the happiest woman alive. The boys asked me to go down and sit, a lot of the girls hugged me, and was smiling. "We are going to hold a little concert for our beloved directioners, that showed up for this! I am happy to see that so many wanted to share Niall's happiness with him and his soon to be wife." Harry said. I was smiling through tears. I saw a girl that looked familiar, she came towards me and it was weird. I know her. "Hey Hill.. remember me? Sophia, your best friend in Bradfort!" she said. I smiled big, but was a little confused.

"Sophia.. Sophia Jones!" I asked, she nodded. She gave me a hug and smiled at me. She pulled a chair next to mine, to keep me company. I was a little suspicious. "I'll be right back." I said, when the boys finished. She gave me a weird look and I walked over to my uncle Yasar. "Uncle, I brought Sophia Jones, home to you guys a lot back in Bradford.. That girl on the chair.. Is that her?" I asked, he looked at her, without her seeing it. "No.. that is not her." he said. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "That.. is Harolds little sister. Get out of here. Now.. she is more dangerous than him." a familiar word said. I turned around and saw Camille. "Come with me." I said. I grabbed her hand, and we walked a different way to the stage. I felt stronger, nothing will keep me away any longer.

We sneaked up on stage, without her seeing it. I saw her face from behind the stage. She stood up, looking like an insane person. She screamed on the top of her lungs. "HILLARY!" The boys stopped with the singing, and they looked confused. She took out a gun. "Who let her in with that!" someone screamed. All the fans started to make a shield for the boys. She was madly. "Give me Hillary Malik. Now.. and nothing will happen to anyone!" she said with a smile. I was annoyed now. I saw a girl sneak up on her, and I was in a kick. I ran down the stage, after I threw of my shoes. I ran towards her, and heard Niall scream. I grabbed the girl, not older than 10. I placed her with the others. "Are you done! ARE YOU!" I screamed, facing her. "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I AM TIRED OF THIS!! Why are you doing this.. why are you going to ruin your life, for someone who chose to leave you" I asked, she was pointing the gun at me, I saw the boys holding on to Niall. "Are you going to do this.. Are you going to kill me, in front of every single person in here, that loves me. Would you do that." I asked, I could see the doubt in her eyes, she were hesitating. "Why.. why did you do this to him.. he loved you!" she said. "HE ALMOST KILLED MY BOYFRIEND AND ME!" I screamed.

Her face changed, she looked sad. "He told me, that you attacked him, when he told you he loved you!" she said. I walked towards her, she were scared. "I would never do anything like that! Never.. I liked Harold.. until his choice was to hurt me. He was.. my best friend.. You can walk out from here, with your life. Keeping it like it is, getting a family when you are older. Would you really take that away from me?" I asked, almost crying. "Give me the gun.. Give it to me sweetie!" I said, she nodded and handed it to me, I threw it away, and she was crying. I pulled her into a hug. "He doesn't deserve you doing this for him. He deserves to rot in hell." I said, she nodded. "How old are you?" I asked. "13" she mumbled. "Is it okay, if we call your parents?" I asked. "Yes!" she gave me her phone. "Uncle!" I said. He grabbed it, and she told him they were called dad or mom. I placed her on the chair again, and grabbed her some water.

She was so.. little. She were scared, and the girls started to leave. Niall were on the stage still trying to get out of their grabs. "Let him go! Nothing will happen!" I said. She opened the water, and drank some. "I am so sorry!" she mumbled. "Its okay love! Everything is fine." I said. I heard the door open again, and in came her parents. "Thats it young lady. You are going to a boarding school in Switzerland." he dad said, and pulled her out the door. I sighed relieved and Niall ran down to me, I could see he had been crying. He grabbed my face in his hands, and looked at me. "I thought I was about to lose you again!" he said.

I smiled, and shook my head. "Never, you are stuck with me!" I said, and kissed him. Everything is going to be fine, its just a new start. 

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