Breathing hard. Pain easy? (One Direction. 1D)

Hillary Malik.. Also known as Zayn Malik's cousin, is popular. Always been, but that.. That changes, after a car accident. She is still popular. Just in another school. In London, not Bradford. No one in her family could have both her and her brother, so Zayn took her in. She is about to stand before her greatest test. She hates herself. Its her fault the girl with the brownest eyes, and the most blonde hair ever. That is how she sees it.


3. Choices there, choices here!

I have not slept, all night. Just keep doing stuff.. That is what my brain has been telling me. Jamil just checked on me, I was starting on the new school today, and he is going there too. I was right now standing in the shower. Getting ready for school. I turned of the water, grabbed two towels and dried my body. I jumped into my underwear, took of the towel on my head. I dried my hair, with Perries hairdryer. I felt so sleepy. It was about seven now. My hair was dry now, so I tip toed to my room. I walked into the closet and found pair of black pants, a white shirt, that went to the middle of my stomach. I put it on and went to my mirror.

I was thinking about Niall, how sad he was. He was ignoring me.. Or no, I was ignoring him. I was to afraid to jump him, right in front of the others. That would be awkward, because I just told him of. I put on my lipstick.. A not so shiny pink, but it looks nice on me. I looked at my hair. It was messy and curly.. dammit. I grabbed my brush and decided to put it in a nice bun. I finished and walked to the kitchen. I heard voices. "Niall is acting so strange" Zayn said, to Perrie. "Duh.. Hill is back, you know! And if you weren't so blind, you would see that she feels the same but is afraid." Perrie said, and sighed. I walked in on them, and the stopped. "Morning!" I said, really tired. "G'morning!" Zayn said a little to fresh. "Stop with that!" I said. "What!" he asked, "Being so fresh." I said, and took some toast. He chuckled and handed me the butter. "Jam?" he asked. "Nope.." I said and shook my head. "Nutella?" Perrie added. "Always!" I said, and smiled big.

"Pig!" Zayn said. "Cow!" I said back. "Hippo!" and that continued for a while. "Blue whale!" I ended it. No bigger animals. "dammit!" he said, and ran a hand through his hair. I finished my toast and grabbed my bag. "School.. bye!" I mumbled. I walked to Jamils room. "Are you sure she is ready for school.. I mean I wouldn't be!" Perrie said concerned. "I am fine Perrie Thanks!" I said, and opened Jamils door. "Leaving!" I said, he smiled and grabbed his stuff. We headed for the door, and said our goodbyes. I was terrified. I felt a hand in mine, and saw Jamils hand in mine. Best. Brother. Ever. There was a ten minutes walk to the school, so we were there fast. It was weird. I walked in, hand in hand with my brother, who let go to see his friend. Left alone already. I looked around, and started to walk to the headmasters office, when someone called me. "Hillary! Hey, Hillary!" I turned around, and my heart stopped. Him. "Hey.. Harold!" I said.

"Are you starting here?" he asked.. "Wait.. dumb question! Of course you are.. Why would you walk into a school for fun!" he said, smiling. That smile! I smiled back. "Yeah, I am starting here.. just heading to the headmasters office. Schedule." I said, he laughed and grabbed my hand. "Come on, i'll follow you there!" he said. We came to the office fast, and he just walked in. "Hey dad, new student. Hillary..." he stopped and looked at me. "Hillary Malik!" I said, and was a little confused. Dad.. "Well, hello miss Malik, come in please." he said, and Harold left. I was alone.. Again. "Please sit down, when I find your schedule." he said, and I sat down. This would have been much easier, with my parents. He smiled and handle me the schedule. He said I could leave, and now I had to find my class. English. Found it after walking all the school. I knocked the door and walked in. "Hi, uhm I am Hillary Malik. I am a new student!" I said, quite embarrassed for coming late. "Let me quess, you couldn't find it." the teacher said, with a smiled. "Uhm no.. the one that followed me to the office, left right away." I said.

"Yeah.. like I wanted to run late!" he said, from down back. "Harold. You should have waited!" the teacher said. "Uhm.. Sit down by Camille. She will be your partner in English for the year!" everyone buuhed and yelled pig, monkey and so on. "SHUT UP!" Harold yelled. I sat down next to her. "Hey.. nice to meet you!" I said. She looked scared at me. "You want to talk to me.. No one does except for Harold and Jammien." she said. "Well, I don't judge." I said. She smiled. "You are to pretty to be talking to me, talk with Kesha, she will love you.. Or make you her slave!" she whispered, the girl in front turned around "Shut up, monkey, and get something better to do!" she said and looked evil at her. She smiled a sweet smile to me. "I have to get the manuscripts so I'll be right back." the teacher said. Kesha stood up and turned around. "So... Malik.. Like Jamil Malik, Zayns cousin." she asked. "Yes.. Problem?" I asked. "No.. Would you like to hang with us, at lunch." she asked. "No thanks, I'll sit with Harold and Camille. And my brother!" I said. "A shame he is hanging with us!" she said, and smiled. "What.. He would never be around fake plastic dolls like you!" I said. Her smiled was gone, and she was mad.

"What.. the hell did you just say!" she asked, everyone was quiet. I stood up. "You really need me to say it again. Fake boobs. Fake nose, fake lips! Fake doll. Plastic get it now prettygirl!" I said. Great.. problems at my first day. "Are those fake.. God we are over Kesha!" some guy said. "Sorry love!" I said, and was about to sit down, when I was flying through the room. I hit the wall with a lot of power. I gasped, the pain was a hell. Specially in my ribs. They had just healed. "What did you say!" she screamed in my face. The door opened, and Jamil looked confused at me. I could see him. He was blurry. "Let go.. Or else!" I whispered. "Aww, did you lose your voice." she asked. I grabbed her arms, and turned her around. "No.. Just couldn't breathe because of your cheap perfume." I said, she was lying on the floor, totally pale. I grabbed my schedule and walked out. I grabbed my right side, and was holding it, when I collapsed on the floor.

I felt a pain running through my breast, every time I took a breath. "Hill, are you alright." Jamil asked concerned. "Never been better." I said. She started crying in the class, right when the teacher came. Bitch. "What happened." she asked. "Don't mind asking Kesha, she will just lie... She attacked Hillary, and she is a bitch." Harold said. So did her ex, and Camille, and everyone else. Kesha ran out, looking at me. "This means war!" she said. "Oh come on.. a movie title? Seriously.. Even Mr.Bean can do better!" I yelled after her when she ran. I got up, but felt like dying. My chest were hurting. Bad. "Can you call Zayn.. Or Niall. I need to get home.. My chest is killing me." I said, barely breathing "Are you okay." he asked. "yeah. Never mind, I am just gonna go home" I said, and started walking. I came to our building, and knew the stairs were going to be my hardest test ever. I took one step at a time. I came to our flat, and tried opening the door, and it was locked. I sat down, trying to call Zayn. "Hey its Zayn here, i am not here to answer your call. Leave a message and you number!" I hung up, and tried calming myself down. Niall.. I took my phone, but hesitated. He hates me. Fuck that.. I called, and it was ringing. "Niall.." I asked. "No, its Demi. Niall is making some food." she said. "Demi.. Demi lavato! Could you ask Niall to pick me up at Zayn.. I am not feeling good, no.. I am just going to walk. Tell him I am coming." I said, and hung up.

I was fighting to get up, but finally did, I walked down the stairs like a zombie. I came down, and I know its not so far, to Niall's. So I got there, nearly totally out of breath. I took the elevator to the third floor. It was up fast, I walked out, and saw Niall coming out from his flat. "Hill, what is wrong, you should be in school!" he said. I fell to my knees, trying so hard to get my breath. "Kinda got in a fight.." I mumbled. "God.. It is your first day!" he said.. He noticed that I was... like in my world dying. "Oh god.. Hill!" he said, and ran to me. He was really concerned. "I need to lay down.. Just for a while" I said. He helped me up, and then carried me. I was so close to blacking out. He got Demi to move, and lied me down on the couch. "How.. what happened." he asked, holding my hand. "Mean girl.. Called her a plastic bitch... kinda, she snapped and banged me really hard into the wall.. Kinda.. Cannot breath.. haven't been able too since it happened." I said.

"Demi, please call an ambulance!" he said. "NO.. I just need sleep, and water!" I said. Demi, nearly jumped to the kitchen for water, she came with it and gave it to me. "You are going to the hospital." he said. "No.. I am not!" I said and drank the water. "Thanks Demi!" I said, and smiled to her. I closed my eyes, and felt Niall picking me up. "If I wake up at the hospital, I will hurt you bad!" I said. "Just taking you to my bed, don't worry!" he said. He laid me in a soft and comfy bed. Then he kissed my forehead, and left. "I am calling Zayn, he has to get here, fast!" Niall said, to Demi. "I know, she really looked pale. What do you think that girl did to her?" she asked. "I have no idea, but it won't end here!" he said, really mad. I fell asleep. I slept like a rock.

"Princess!" I heard someone calling. I just kept walking in the forest. It was a beautiful summer day. "Hill!" I turned around, and saw Harold standing there, smiling. I felt relieved. "Princess!" I heard the call behind me, and turned around. Niall. I got really confused, I blinked and they were in front of me, really fast. I was scared now. "You have to choose. Him. Me!" they said at the same time. "I.. I don't know.. I.." they looked at each other, and started walking away. I could just chose one of them.. It is only a dream, isn't it. "Niall! I chose you!" I screamed. Everything got dark. I was scared. "Wrong choice!" Harold screamed like a maniac. He attacked me.

Screaming, sweaty. Just a dream. Hey.. I can breath. I walked out in the living room, Niall was asleep. Maybe my scream wasn't that high. "Are you okay, I heard you scream!" Demi said. I just nodded. "Yeah.. I am fine.. What time is it?" I asked. "Uhm.. Around 9pm.. I stayed, because Niall was really concerned. He cannot get a hold to Zayn, and you were really gone in there." she said, concerned. I looked at Niall, he was sleeping and I was not really hurt anymore. "Its okay Demi, If you wan't to go home, or to the hotel. Then its fine. I'll stay here, I'll be there for him." I said. She nodded and gave me a hug. "Take care of him!" she said. Something is wrong, she is hiding something. She took on her jacket, and shoes and left. Niall was still asleep. I walked over there, looking at him. This felt.. weird. He was so cute, he was laying there, with his arm under his head. He was hiding his face, with the other arm.

I felt a buzzing, and looked at the table. It was Niall's phone, Zayn. I grabbed the phone and walked to the kitchen. I pressed accept. "Niall, what the hell is that of a voicemail. You nearly killed me, I cannot get a hold to Hill.. what is wrong! Jamil is freaking out!" he said. "God.. you can speak can't you! I am fine! I got.. uhm into a fight and after that I couldn't breath. I am at Nialls, and I am fine! So don't you worry. I am all better, tell that to Jamil. I am going to be home soon. I just have to wake up Niall. He was really concerned. Demi told me" I said. "Oh god. Hill, so glad to hear you are okay! Sorry that you couldn't get through. I don't know what happened. And.. A fucking fight.. We will talk about this when you come home!" he said. "Yeah. see ya soon!" I said. I hung up, and went into the living room again. Niall still sleeping.

I placed my hand on his arm, really slowly. Just so I wouldn't scare him. "Nialler.. Are you okay?" I asked. His eyes shut open, and he looked around really scared. Then his eyes fell on me. "Hillary! Oh god! Are you better!" he said, and grabbed my hand. "I am better Niall. Don't worry!" I said, and smiled. I could see pink lines down his cheeks. "Have you been crying Niall!" I asked really out of it. I put my hand on his cheek, and followed the line with my finger. "No.. Uhm yeah.. but don't worry.. Its okay now!" he said, and got up. He looked at me, afraid. "I was really out of it, after you fell asleep" he said, and removed my hand. He sat there looking at me. "Niall.. I have to go home. Can you follow me, I am not so.. uhm yeah comfy with the thought about going home alone." I said, and looked down. He lifted my head up, with two fingers under my chin. "I would never let you walk home alone!" he said, and helped me up.

He got up himself, and walked over to take his jacket. I was looking after mine, but found out I already had it on. I smiled, and looked after my shoes. They were at the end of the couch. I grabbed them and put them on. He just smiled. "I am happy that you are okay!" he said, and opened the door. I walked out and waited for him, to come out. He grabbed his keys, and closed the door after him, locked it and grabbed my hand. "I have a question." he mumbled. I nodded. "Do.. do you feel something for me.. or any others." he asked. "Niall. I do have feelings for you.. but I think I am getting feelings for someone else too." I said. I could feel his hand moving a little. "Why!" he asked. "I don't know.. he is sweet." I said. "Harold right. You saved his number?" he asked. "No.. but it is him, he is going to the school." I said.

"But.. Hill" he hesitated and we were in front of my building. "I.. I really don't like him, there is something about him, that I really don't like." he said. I just sighed. "Stop Niall.. I need to.. to figure this out. I.. I don't know okay. I like you a lot. I already started liking you, last year. But you didn't even notice me." I said, and looked at him. He looked hurt. "Yes I did. But I had no fucking idea if you liked me, and I was afraid of telling you! I have liked you since we met the first day." he said. I was shocked. "What?" did I say. "Hillary, Niall get up here, now!" Zayn yelled, we walked up the stairs and was ready to die. Or I was.

The moment we opened the door. We heard four words. "Choices there, choices here." some one said.

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