As Long As We're Together .

Emily & Kayla go to Miami , Florida for a One Direction concert .
On the plane Emily & Kayla see Louis and Zayn .
Well , Zayn & Lou went over to Emily & Kayla .
Things escalated quite quickly there .
Zayn gets Emily's number .
Zayn takes Emily out for dinner , while Kayla is off with a boy at the hotel .
Zayn takes Emily back to his hotel ..
Things got hot & heavy .
Things got hot & HEAVIER when Zaym takes Emily back to her hotel .
Perrie gets involved .
Emily .. its all bout Emily .


3. ok ok ok .

Emily's P.O.V :
As me & Kayla were heading to our hotel room, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Kayla was so hyper she was hyperventilating, from running around & screaming about what Louis had said to her. She looked like a bunny rabbit that couldn't stop hopping around. It was actually pretty amusing. I was really happy too. I felt like I could burst into a million fireworks.

I didn't have a care in the world.. it was like I was 3 again. I finally checked my phone, & the text was from a private number... " OMIGOD IS IT ZAYN ?!?!?!? " Kayla asked demandingly. " HOW DID YOU KNOW ?? " I screamed. " YOUR FACE !!! " She sarcastically said. I slowly read it. First to myself, & then aloud to Kayla. it said... ; Hey gorgeous. Its Zayn.. I never got your name. May I? I would really like to get to know you better. Can I pick you up at 8:30 ? Great thanks. xx "

AHHHHHHH. My heart & brain began racing ! xx ? Does that mean I love you ? OMMIIIGOD. " HE WANTS YOUU !!!!! " Kayla screamed, actually making people stare at us like we had robbed a bank. I sent him back, that it was fine, my address & hotel room number..

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