As Long As We're Together .

Emily & Kayla go to Miami , Florida for a One Direction concert .
On the plane Emily & Kayla see Louis and Zayn .
Well , Zayn & Lou went over to Emily & Kayla .
Things escalated quite quickly there .
Zayn gets Emily's number .
Zayn takes Emily out for dinner , while Kayla is off with a boy at the hotel .
Zayn takes Emily back to his hotel ..
Things got hot & heavy .
Things got hot & HEAVIER when Zaym takes Emily back to her hotel .
Perrie gets involved .
Emily .. its all bout Emily .


4. oh zaynniiee .

Zayns P.O.V :
" Oh my gosh. I like her a lot. I have a girlfriend.. What am I doing? I can't believe I asked for her number! Oh she probably doesn't even like me. Why would she? I'm going to text her. Should I? What if she thinks I'm stalking her or something! I'm going to do it. " I was babbling to Louis. Louis was looking at me like I was crazy, out of my mind.

" Zayn, man.... You've got a girlfriend! Perrie remember!? YOU love PERRIE. " Louis was saying to me. I could barely even here him. His voice was hazy. Maybe its because I was thinking about her.... I like Emily a lot. But Perrie.... I dont know... What would she think?

* BEEP * MY PHONE WENT OFF. Emily had sent me the hotel address & everything! I was in! Should I text back? " Okay love, I'll be there soon... " I read it out loud to Lou as I was texting it back to her. " I am so happy!! Her brown hair & hazel eyes is all I can think about Lou! " I continued. " Your crazy.. I dont know what else to tell you. " Louis said to me as he walked to the bathroom. I lay on my hotel rooms floor & thought about what would happen tonight..

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