As Long As We're Together .

Emily & Kayla go to Miami , Florida for a One Direction concert .
On the plane Emily & Kayla see Louis and Zayn .
Well , Zayn & Lou went over to Emily & Kayla .
Things escalated quite quickly there .
Zayn gets Emily's number .
Zayn takes Emily out for dinner , while Kayla is off with a boy at the hotel .
Zayn takes Emily back to his hotel ..
Things got hot & heavy .
Things got hot & HEAVIER when Zaym takes Emily back to her hotel .
Perrie gets involved .
Emily .. its all bout Emily .


2. Asdfghjkl ; <3 /:

Emily's P.O.V :
" Uh-Uh-Uh, I-Im fine, but you really dont have to give me your jacket! " I studdered. I really didn't want to take off his jacket, it smelt reallly good & it was so soft.

" No! No! Well, not unless you don't want to wear it.. " He wearily said. " Oh no! I mean yes! I do! I do! Thank you.. " I said with a smile. He just stared at me in awe, & I stared right back at him. Looking into his beautiful beautiful eyes.

But then, a louuud speaker came on over the intercome. " Passengers, please go back to your seats, & buckle up! We're now landing in Miami, Florida! " Zayn looked really upset. I looked over at Lou & Kayla, & Lou was signing an autograph for Kayla, with alot of words.. I looked back at Zayn.

" May I have your number? I'd really like to get to know you better.. " he asked. My brain had so much running through it, I could've probably had a heartattack! I gave him my number, & he walked back to his seat with Lou, whispering something, I couldn't quite make out. But, I had a feeling that this weekend was going to be great...

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