As Long As We're Together .

Emily & Kayla go to Miami , Florida for a One Direction concert .
On the plane Emily & Kayla see Louis and Zayn .
Well , Zayn & Lou went over to Emily & Kayla .
Things escalated quite quickly there .
Zayn gets Emily's number .
Zayn takes Emily out for dinner , while Kayla is off with a boy at the hotel .
Zayn takes Emily back to his hotel ..
Things got hot & heavy .
Things got hot & HEAVIER when Zaym takes Emily back to her hotel .
Perrie gets involved .
Emily .. its all bout Emily .


1. As Long As We're Together .

Emily's P.O.V :
" Stop staring! " Kayla said huffily. " But there right near us!! How can you NOT stare at them?? There hot!! " I squealed.

We were in a plane, on our way to Miami, just me & Kayla. We were going there for a One Direction Concert. Lou Tomlinson & Zayn Malik were sitting right next to me & Kayla, a few seats up. I couldn't contain myself! Kayla just didn't want to be noticed, I know every time I wasn't looking at her, she was staring just as much as I was. I was wondering where Niall, Liam & Harry were, & then all of a sudden, I see a figure in front of me. I look up & its Louis... standing straight in front of me.

" I saw you girls, looking at Zayn & I, & I thought I say hello! " Lou said enthusiastically. Kayla started babbling about how much she loved him, & One Direction. I just stared up at him, with my mouth open, staring at his wonderful smile. But then, I saw Zayn stand up. He walked over to me, Kayla, & Lou & I immediately started to cry. He looked so gorgeous. He started saying he was sorry & he looked like he felt dreadfully bad about the situation.

He asked me if I was okay & I felt like I could've exploded! " I-Im Okay, its just .. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! " I jumped up, which spilled my Kool-Aid all over my white tank top, exposing it soaking wet. Zayn took off his jacket, & wrapped it around me. " Are you okay, Beautiful? "

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