A simple reflection about the power of music to me.


1. Music.

I love music. I love what it does to me. As soon as I put those headphones in, I’m in a whole other world. A simpler world. A world where its just me and the artist. I feel like I know them, like I can understand them. Their pain, their love, and happiness and sorrow and regrets and frustrations and confusion. Everything. And the music overtakes me. It fills my ears all the way down to my soul. And i begin to feel like I’m living out the song. And each song holds a story, and when I listen to it, I feel like I become a part of the story. Its unnerving how easily my mood is swayed merely by what my shuffle turns to. But it is also comforting, because no matter how difficult, how chaotic or simply overwhelming life becomes, I’m only one song away from altering my mind completely. Its an escape, and I cant imagine how I would continue without it.

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