One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


4. With you - Nana (Liam)

Placed on the couch in your pyjamas still, you turned on the TV, taking a bite of your breakfast. Quickly you zapped through the channels, searching for the one Liam and the boys would be live on in a few minutes or so.

You took a sip of your juice, making yourself comfortable in his - and soon yours, too! - flat. It was quite early and Liam and yours Toy Story-Marathon last night had caused you two both having a hard time, leaving bed this morning. But you refused to miss it, 'cause today was today. You were finally going public.  

You soon recognised a puppy face on the screen, and the crowd cheered as another TV host introduced the biggest boy band at the moment, One Direction. You couldn't help but smile at them, answering questions as cheeky as possible. Louis was as usual coming up with funny comments every now and then.

You heard the interviewer ask about the one thing they loved the most in the whole entire world, and you smiled at Liam's sweet giggle: "How am I supposed to choose one?!". "And while we're at it," the host turned in his chair, facing the camera. "Tune in after this short commercial break, for a chat about what they also love dearly.. Their girlfriends!"

Soon the whole TV studio was filled with applause and shoutings like "I love you One Direction!" "Let me feel your curls, Harry!" "Marry me please!" You would've found it cute if it wasn't because you were deeply in thoughts. You were both excited and sort of scared at the same time, you heart raced faster than a Lamborghini. Your felt you phone vibrate between the pillows and you immediately fished it up. A text from Liam popped op on your screen, which read "You're still sure about this? x"  

With your slightly shaking hands you typed in, letter by letter your honest feeling about what was about to go down. "Yes, I am. I'm just really nervous, that's all.. x" And it was true. You were that type of person who would start trembling after such little things. You just couldn't help it. Soon you got another message saying you had no reason for that at all, and that he, Liam, couldn't wait to tell the world he was yours. Butterflies filling your stomach, you even blushed at the text, and quickly replying to him you loved him very dearly. Because you truly did.   

It had been 6 months since you first started dating, but a single one was enough for you to fall for him. Liam and you had known each other for quite a while before then. Only to protect your relationship, your both agreed on keeping it a secret for now.

It had worked out well the first many months but now you couldn't really stand it anymore. How you couldn't take his hands in yours while taking a walk, waiting until you got behind closed doors to kiss him, and to watch him answering he still was single, when he in reality wasn't. You needed to be able to scream it to the world how your heart belonged to him, and his to you.   

Your heart skipped a beat, and you snapped out of your thoughts as Liam's Bambi eyes and breathtaking face again appeared on the TV. "So now, the classic question that's going to break thousands and thousands of teenage hearts - who's taken and who's not?"  

You held your breath. A close up of Harry was showed. "Single, ready to mingle" he smiled, with his dry and hoarse voice of his. Through a thick accent you could hear Niall. "Yup, me too." That didn't seem to surprise that much, but next was Liam and you rocked back and fourth, feeling so many different things at a whole same time. He took a deep breath and so did you.   

You heart was particularly in your throat and your palms was sweaty. Blood pumped through your veins unbelievably fast. "Well, actually I um" he glanced at the other boys flexing his chest. Now was when your sneaking around would end. Now was when you could finally change your Facebook status to in a relationship with Liam James Payne, the love of your life. Now was when your life would change forever - but to the better.   

"I'm in a relationship with my amazing girlfriend, yes. I've been for about a half year now" Liam proudly smiles to the camera, looking releaved, like a stone had fell off his chest. The whole crowd including the host gasped aloud - they didn't expect this, you could tell by their dropped jaws.

"(Y/N)" Louis added, nodding. "We've already met her twice, she's lovely" he smiles, once again breaking the tension, and patted Liam's knee once. And in that exact moment, you felt more happy than ever before. In sight was yours and Liam's future, and you couldn't wait for it to start.

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