One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


3. Sincerely, yours Zayn - Nana (Zayn)

He strengthened out his muscular arm in its full length and a took fast grip around your wrist and made you turn around on the heel. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want me anymore" His voice broke already half way through the sentence. While still controlling your whole arm he rubbed his stubble with his free hand, almost like he held back them tears. You sniffed, picked up your bag from the edge of your usually shared bed. You forced it over the shoulder which released you from his hold of you. "See," he continued. "Why do you then choose to leave me" he whispered with a silent sobbing, as if that could make you change your mind, and make you look at cheating as an acceptable thing. He shut his eyes closed for a moment, making sure he wouldn't burst into tears right at this moment. Not here, not now. "Look me in the eyes and tell me I don't mean a thing to you."   

After you'd froszed in time for a second, you finally let your back face him, no longer your tear filled face. Dunk, dunk, click, click your stilettos broke the - almost - perfect silence on your way heading towards the front door. You without paying any kind of attention pulled one of the jackets down the hanger in the hall, as a piece of paper found its way to slip out of the pocket. With the jacket hanging dead from your arm, your feelings exploded as you leaned down to pick it up. Fresh tears started to form in your eyes and blurried your vision so you had quite a struggling reading it. But you wasn't in doubt. You were fully aware of what the letter would say. You knew it, word by word. You remembered how you used to read it before going to sleep and also the exact same moment you woke up while he had been on tour.  

'(Y/Nick/N),' it started of. Your mouth moved synchronically with the words pronouncements while the voice in your head read the letter through for what must have been the 1000th time. 'Where to start, where to begin? You see, I've already messed up this letter by trying my best at being poetic. I'm not good at talking and sharing my feelings, eh.' Zayn then silently came to view in the hallway, but you continued on ignoring him as he slowly, minute by minute figured out why you were squatting with a paper in your hands and even with more tears down your red burning cheeks.  

'Though, for you I'll try. And as you may have noticed, for you I'll try out many things. Remember back in 2011 in Spain when you thought swimming and drinking at the same times was a good idea? Yeah, I jumped into the pool in my brand new Gucci shirt, Jack and Jones shorts, my new iPhone in my pocket - which you forced me to buy the day before, remember? - without mentioning my fear of water. I did it to take care of you. To make sure you wouldn't do something stupid, hurt yourself. I have never reacted that kind of way before. Yet, another first. You've changed me to the better'. Zayn wasn't saying a word, walking up and down the floor waiting for you to react and that gave you a sort of reality check.   

Knowing by heart what was coming next in the letter, you looked up from the handwritten black ink on the white crumbled paper for a moment or two. Your eyes got met by the devastated looking man. You roused up from the floor calmly and step by step came closer to him, You took your time. "I can't look you in the eyes and tell you that. Okay? You're happy now?" my calm tone quick trailed off. Feelings rushing in over me, I couldn't help but raise my voice, almost shouting. "I can't live without you, but almost worse would it be to live with the acceptance of knowing how you've pleased another woman!" The way his eyes got wet didn't bother you at all. Compared to how much he had hurt you, his tiny tears wasn't even something you were able to give a fuck about.  

"You say you love me but why don't you choose to show me instead?! Why are you doing this to me, Zayn?! No, actually, HOW can you do this to me?!" You finally let go and cried out, loud, letting the whole house throw it right back at you because of the echoes. He took a very deep breath and pulled himself together, before he nodded at you, found your hands and took them in his own. You inhaled his sweet scent in through your nose then and out of your mouth, as the last pair of tears dropped down and dried out in his sleeve. He was the love of your life. You didn't have to deny it - You couldn't. You had always known he was the only one for you, even when you first ever met.   It has been written all over your face ever since. Your breathing eventually got more normal and he locked his arms around you in a tight hug. Not letting go of you, he whispered softly into your ear, as if this was some kind of American movie. "I can't go back. I can't change the past. I can't erase my mistakes. But one thing I can do, is kiss away the pain. Cheesy? Sort of. In love? Definitely." you felt his hot, warm breath against you skin. His slender finger stroke a pile of your hair behind your ear and he leaned down to kiss your forehead. 

Later that night while he and you were spooning you found myself repeating your favourite part of the letter in your mind for the 1001th time. ' (Y/N), in kindergarten I had a girlfriend called Sarah. She asked me, if I loved her. I answered; I don't know. I didn't understand love, I didn't get what it meant. Then you came along and you helped me understand. I think is safe to say, that I love you. I always have and always will. Sincerely, yours Zayn'

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