One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


2. Oh, hey dear - Nana (Harry)

You slipped out of your stilettos, climbed up the staircase which was hanging down from the three house a pair of meters above. You finally got up, swung your bare legs out from the platform and dangled your also bare feet. A million thoughts crossed your mind as your glance danced from your friends backyard, then to her house and finally up to look at the black, star filled sky. Tears started to blurry your vision and soon you were sobbing to yourself.

A bit of guilt spread inside of you, because your very dear friend was hosting a party, and instead of being in there, partying 'till the sun would rise you had escaped out here all alone. At least you thought you were here by yourself, and that was the reason you couldn't help but jump a little in shock when someone broke the perfect silence.

"You alright up there?" a peers lad called from the lawn underneath you. You had only had two drinks or so - sober enough to regonize the kid. It didn't seem to matter right at the moment though, if he was a guy from your neighbourhood, from your class, or Harry Styles. You'd seen him a couple of times before, you two had a lot of mutual friends. In fact, you lived in Holmes Chapel and (Y/Friends/N) seemed to get on quite well with him.

"I-I um," you still cried silent "You just scared me" You glued a smile on your face, but Harry could tell even by the 5 seconds you'd known each other, that you were faking. He nervously laughed for a short moment. "But seriously though," he was already climbing up the stairs that caused the weight of a whole body swung in the air from one side to the other. "How come you're not in there?" he nodded in the direction of the house, the music was loud enough for us to hear. Harry seated himself on his bum right next to me. I shrug my shoulders, sniffed my dried tears away.

"I just.. I don't know" you said with almost no voice at all, clearing your throat afterwards. "I, um.. I've just had a shit day, really" you finally admitted, staring down at your feet. "It feels like I'm destroying everything I barely touch" your voice broke. Harry nodded understandingly and as you kept going, he noticed your goosebumps. You only wore a sleeveless dress, no surprise you were cold. Without saying a thing he slipped off his jacket, wrapped it around your freezing body, kept an strong arm locked around your shoulder. You sobbed into his chest, and he began to rub circles into your side with his fingers while listening.

"Shh, it's ok. It's all going to be ok" he tried to calm you down. It's safe to say it worked quite well, 'cause minutes passed by like seconds, and after an hour and a half, your wet eyes were vanished and you couldn't help but giggle full hearted at Harry's ridicules jokes. "On a serious note though," you smile, lifting up your chin slightly, and gets lost in his eyes. "Thank you. I read needed someone at that moment, you know and erh.." you trailed off. Harry looked up from his converse and now faced you too. "Just the fact that you actually would spend you time listening to me, like.." you paused and found Harry smiling at you. "I mean, you're Harry Edward Styles, I'm just-" you stated, never breaking the eye contact you two had. "(Y/F/N)" he finished for you. Confused by how the hell he knew, you send him a curious look, eyebrows pressed together.

"Ah, you know, I have my sources" he laughed, making you grin. You bet it was (Y/F/N) who as a drunken mistake had spelt the beans, letting Harry know you found him cute even though I hadn't really talked to him. Well, that was then. You smiled to myself; "And yeah, you really are as cheeky as they say" you giggle, referring to his jacket you're wearing still. Harry laughed even harder, shook his head, reached for yours and pressed his lips lightly against your forehead. And this, was the beginning of a long lasting, beautiful relationship.

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