One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


1. In your arms - Nana (Niall)

"Please don't, no, stop!!!" you screamed at the top of your lungs, your blood running through your veins unbelievably fast. You swore your heart was just about to jump out of your chest, so quick it was beating. "No no no no no, NO! PLEASE! PLEASE DON'T! NOOOOO!!!!"

You awoke in your shared, completely dark bedroom with tears streaming down your cheeks and sweat dripping off your heated body. You sat up, trying pull yourself together and to catch your breath also, but you doubted it was possible. Your boyfriend then appeared in the light from the now opened door and rushed over to sit himself at the edge of the double bed.

"Y-you're ok, love?" Niall asked, taking your hand in his, running his thumb over your knuckles. You swallowed hard, glanced for a short moment over at the clock which told you, it was 3 in the night, before soon turning your head to find him in the not much lighted room. Even with such dimmed light, his eyes shone bright and after three years of a beautiful relationship, they still got to you. Forget about the butterflies, his eyes, touches and kisses made your stomach turn into an whole entire zoo. "Nightmares again?"

You nodded slightly, regaining your normal breathing. "Yes" you breathed, wiping your tear filled cheeks. The last two and a half week had caused you a lot lack of sleep. "It's was just a dream, sweetheart," he crawled into the bed to you, still wearing jeans and his white t-shirt. He laid himself down, signalling you to do so too. You found it natural to place your head on his chest, sniffing your tears away.

"It's ok, I'm right here" he whispered smiling. He wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back slightly. His warm, peppermint breath hit you, caused the near contact. You felt protected from every nightmare in the whole world, and cuddled up to your own superhero even more, if possible. "I love you, Ni" you whispered out loud in the otherwise perfect silenced room. He pressed his soft, pink lips against your forehead and you trailed off to sleep in his embrace.

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