One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


6. Finally a part of the family - Nana (Louis)

Louis and you had been in a relationship for a good while now. And to be honest, it was beginning to get very serious between you. You two had taken it to the next level, and you both thought it was finally time for him to meet your family, which he had yet to come, since you two had moved to London, far, far away from your family. Apart from that, you had been busy catching up after the world tour Louis and the boys just had finished. "And when you get to the mailbox there you'll just have to turn left and then it's the first house on the right side" you smiled at Louis who sat beside you in the driver’s seat, pointing at the familiar red mailbox, at the end of the road you were currently driving on. He nodded, smiling a soft "Okay babe." As you got further down the road Louis seemed to squeeze your hand even tighter with own, his free hand on the steering wheel. You watched his chest rise and fall as he took in deep breaths, the seatbelt tighten around his torso a little more. "Baby they're going to love you, you know that?" you said, studying his beautiful face. "Right?" He bit his lip before turning to the left. He didn't quite seem to want to make eye contact with you - a habit of his whenever he got nervous. "Lou?" you said softly, stroking the back of his hand slightly, when he pulled in in the driveway. Louis turned the keys, freeing himself from his seatbelt. He sat still, releasing his lips from his teeth and finally let his eyes wander on yours. Words escaped his lips. "But Y/N what if they don't?" He breathed and knitted his brows. "What if they're not going to like me and think I'm a cold and spoiled and famous guy and thinks that I have no manners and thinks I'm just another pop star who--" he kept on going all in one breath. "Louis" you finally cut him off, your tone a little harsh maybe. Louis stopped his babble, his gaze still on you. You cupped one of his cheeks with you hand, stroking lightly. "Don't be stupid" you smiled with a lighter tone. "Just be your own wonderful self and they'll like you just as much as I do." you said looking at him lovingly. Oh, how this boy always made butterflies appear in your stomach. More like a whole zoo, actually. He breathed deep before nodding, as a smile came across his lips. "Okay" he said. "I can't wait to see where from you've got your beauty" he grinned and you blushed a little. He got out of the car, the same did you. You found Louis' hand and walked up the house you had grown up in. It was an incredible feeling that the love of your life soon would be standing in there. As you reached the doorstep you both paused. Louis leaned in and pecked your cheek before pulling back and facing the door. He breathed and nodded. You gave him a smile. He was adorable. "I'm ready" he said. 

Soon the door was opened by your mother whose eyes immediately fell on you and Louis. "OHH, you must be Louis! I'm so glad to meet you love, Y/N has said a whole lot about you! And I must agree that you're a good looking lad!" she tried and crack a joke. Your cheeks started burning as you blushed. "Mum stop it please" you giggled, Louis taking turns at looking at you and then your caring mother. She laughed along and Louis smiled big. "Mum?" Louis said. "I thought you were Y/Ns sister?" he laughed, smiling nervously. Your mother continued laughing and you could see Louis was relieved she got the joke. "I like him already" your mother mouthed to you. Louis shook her hand and introduced himself before the rest of your family appeared in the doorway.

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