One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


9. Always safe with you - Nana (Harry)

”I’ll be real quick” Harry said before he leaned down, curls tickling your face and he planted a kiss on your lips, before disappearing behind the men’s toilet door. You leaned back against the brick wall and put your hands in your pockets. The cold wind blew and you swore you could freeze do death right that second. It was February; the snow still hadn’t melted away and was coating everything’s surface outdoors. You and your boyfriend had gone for a night walk in the park – it was becoming a habit of yours. You were on your way home when Harry really had to pee.

A whistle from the dark caught your attention, and a small group of 3 lads, appeared in the dim light from the nearest street lamp. Their faces were unfamiliar so you just ignored them, looking away. You could hear them grin and they got closer. Harry why the fuck are you taking so long you thought, biting your lip. You wouldn’t quite admit that these guys were intimidating as they got closer. “What is such a good looking lady doing out here all alone?” the buffest man said, his lips turning into a smirk. Your hand found your phone in your pocket, tightening the grip around it – just in case. Your heartbeat speeded up and so did their steps towards you. You stayed silent, now looking at your shoes. “Huh?” one of the boys said. It made you jump. Your heart was in your throat. Harry for fucks sake.

“Oh, you’re too good to talk to us?” the third member’s voice could be heard. “I eh, I” you tried to speak. Their breath hit your face when they spoke; they had surrounded you and were very close. “H-H-Harry!” you shouted as water filled your eyes. “Shh, shh, babygirl, we wouldn’t want anyone to hear now, would we?” the what seemed to be the leader said, his eyes roaming your still be-clothesed   body. “HARRY!” You yelled, still in shock as your tears fell like waterfalls and wetted your cheeks. “Shut your god damn mouth fucking bitch” the man spat, gripping your wrist tightly. Not many seconds went by though, before Harry was only out of the door with the half of his body, “What’s going on here?”

His eyes turned wide as realized in the moment the words had left his mouth what actually was going on. The men backed away as Harry raced to you. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he yelled, his neck veins getting visible. The two of them lads were quickly out of sight. Harry didn’t hesitate once before pushing the remaining big guy in the chest, him almost falling backwards. The buff guy tried to fight back, but his so called biceps were nothing compared to Harrys. He clenched his jaw, his fist finally meeting the man’s face in a punch. Harry lowered his voice and said a finale sentence before spitting on the grass the lad laid on. He then stormed to you, took you in his arms with a worried face. You were still trying to comprehend what a shocking experience you had just been exposed to. Your breathing was uncontrollable and tears still filled your stained cheeks.


“Baby, baby look at me” Harry almost whispered, while cupping your chin with his warm and  - not to mention - huge hands. You sat on the sofa in your shared flat. “Look at me love” he repeated in a deep, comforting tone. His warm breath hit your face and you peered up at him. He wiped the last tears away; “You’re safe now, you know that, right?” You sniffed before nodding silently in his hands. Harry pinched his eyes together and so did you, before he nuzzled your nose tip with his own. You locked your arms around him in a tight hug, and that was how you both fell asleep. 

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