One Direction Imagines/One Shots

A few One Direction Imagines and One Shots written by either HarrysCurls or myself, Nana. Many more to come :)


5. Again - HarrysCurls (Harry)


You quietly sat by yourself in a busy cafe, full of people.  The delicious smell of coffee and brownies filled the room, when you started to overhear the other customer’s conversations. Most of them were boring, young girls talking about guys breaking their hearts, women bragging about their new jobs, and some older men discussing a game of chess. You close your eyes for a second, when a recognizable name passes through your ears. Immediately you open your eyes, and see the person who just caught everyone’s attention. A tall, handsome, and charming young man  had entered the small café, and of course you knew who he was. He used to be one of your close friends, well, actually you used to date a little, but both of your lives had changed so much, and contact was too hard to keep.

You catch him looking at you, and when you give him a little smile, his face brightened up. As he walked over to you, all the heads of teenage girls turned and they began starring at you.

“(Y/N) is that you?” the lovely voice you had missed asked you, while giving you a curious look. “Harry? Harry Styles?” You tried to act surprised, as if you didn’t know it was him, when honestly, you could tell it was him from miles away. “Yeah! It’s been so long? How are you?” Even though you hadn’t asked, he pulled out a chair and placed himself on the other end of the little red table where you had your coffee.  “I’m great! And it’s not really hard to guess how you are, is it?” You teased him a little, just like you used to. Seeing his cute smile spread across his kissable lips was a wonderful feeling, which you truly had missed.  “I guess so” He laughed. “Do you mind going for a walk? It would be nice to catch up on everything that’s happened since I’ve been gone” He seemed a little shy, just as you remembered him. You agreed on the walk and followed him out of the café, - after he had to stop and take a few pictures with some fans.

You walked down the street with him by your side, giving him your full attention, listening to how his life had changed. But he was still the same old crazy Harry you remembered. He started asking about your family and friends, and very awkwardly asked how your love life was. When you honestly and a bit embarrassed answered that it pretty much didn’t exist, he didn’t laugh as you had expected. Instead, his lips made a shy and happy smile, while he looked into your confused eyes.

“Why are you smiling?” The thought slipped out of your mouth, without thinking about it. “Because..” He started, took a deep breath, and continued; “Because (Y/N) you’re all I ever think about. And I miss you. I miss the way you speak before you think, your jokes that give no meaning, your cute little laugh. I miss the way your eyes can brighten up the worst possible situation, and most of all, I miss us.” It all happened so fast, that you had to take a few seconds just to realize what he just had said. It made you blush like crazy, and the little butterflies inside of you grew huge. “Harry, I-I don’t know what to say” You whispered, afraid of what he was going to answer. Like a dream, he took a step closer to you and crashed his soft lips against yours. He carefully wrapped his strong arms around you, while turning the slow kiss into a more passionate. He then quickly pulled away and whispered the words; “I love you (Y/N)” into your ear, before he attached his lips to yours once again.

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