Dreams Aren't Always True

Kassidy Payne. No, not Liam's sister, knew that she shouldn't have fallen for him. She just knew it. But the heart breaker, player and flirt just had to steal one more heart. And she never saw what was coming. Does Kassidy fall for Harry even though she knows how much of a flirt he is? And does she fall for him even though she has always had hatred towards him? Read to find out Kassidy and Harry's fate, love or hate.


4. Chapter 4: Dinner with the Lads..oh and Harry


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Chapter 4

Kassidy's POV

Right when i had finished getting ready, almost as if he was watching, Harry texted me telling me he was leaving and asking for my address. I obviously gave it to him, and almost immediately he replied. Guess I will just wait for him to knock.

"Hey, Linds. The boys are on their way. Are you almost ready?"

"yup, let me just put on a little bit of lip gloss, and I will be done. But Kass, why are you so excited. Thought you hated Harry and the rest of One Direction?"

Oh yeah....I forgot....

"umm, I am just excited because I get to go out. I have been out in a while, sooo yeah." I guess she understood, or she just didn't want to argue because she didn't answer.

"so do you just wanna wait by the window?" and, quincidentaly, I heard the doorbell ring.

"Here, Kass. Take some lip gloss. You are gonna need it for those Harry lips today," she said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and started down the stairs to the awaiting One Direction, Lindsey following behind me.

I grabbed my purse and coat, and open the door to 2 of the most hottest boys around, Zayn and Harry. And both of them had their jaws open. I could tell they had the same thoughts of me and lindsey because if their jaw drop. Lindsey did a girly giggle behind me and I couldn't help but join in.

"do you guys like the view? Take a picture, it last longer," I cheekily said.

"you look gorgeous Lindsey," Zayn told her.

"wow, just...you look beautiful Kassidy. Oh, and so do you Lindsey. Now are you ready?" Harry said to me


Ready as I'll ever be, I thought, nodding to Harry because I knew he couldn't hear my thoughts.

"perfect," he replied, grabbing me hand. And immediately a spark flew up my arm and into my heart and the rest if my body.

Why was I starting to feel these feelings? The only last time I felt this was when I was dating my ex boyfriend, Dylan, who cheated on me. Wow. Does this mean that I like Harry? Maybe if I just ignore it it will go away.

After he grabbed my hand, he led me to our transportating vehicle, a limo.

"Harry, you didn't have to do that for us!"

"well, I decided a beautiful car for a beautiful girl like you," he whispers into my ear.

I was getting the feeling again. So the only way I could reply was a small smile. But the night got even better.

As I stepped in the car, I said my greetings to my boys.

"hey Lou! How are you!"

"great! You look very pretty today!" and then there, right in front of me, was my all time favorite model, Eleanor Calder. (pretend zayn isnt dating perrie and niall us dating someone named brooke) I knew she had a pretty serious boyfriend but I had no idea it was Louis!! They are perfect!!!

"H-hi Eleanor." I said stuttering.

She chuckled, noticing how nervous I was. "Hi! You must be kassidy. It's a pleasure to meet you! Harry has been talking about you non stop." With that, Harry blushed a little. So sweet.

There was also another girl sitting with Niall.

"hi, I'm Brooke!! Nice to meet you!"

She had a super bubbly personality so I had a feeling we would get along just fine.

"hi Brooke! I'm Kassidy! Hey Niall. Ready to chow down?" I said, knowing about his love of food.

"I am soo ready!!" he said, looking Psyched.

We squeezed into the limo and I sat in the middle of Liam and Harry. We had some small talk and I thought I saw Harry and Liam giving eachother mean looks. Or maybe I was just imagining things.

We arrived to Gustavo's and I guess the boys already got a reservation because we were seated as soon as we walked in.

When we walked up, the difficult part was going to be to choosing seats.

"...I am going to sit next to her!"

"no I am!"

"I am the one that had the nerve to actually invite her!"

"yeah,well she has the same last name as me!"

"what does that have anything to do with anything!"

So the glares Harry and Liam were giving eachother were over me! What's so good about me? I'm just...me!

"guys, lads, boys! Why don't I just sit in the middle of you?!"

Satisfied but still angry, the boys agreed.

After we had ordered our drinks and we were awaiting our meals, I asked El and Linds to come with me to the bathroom.

"girls, I have brought you here for a serious convo. First of all, did you guys see Liam and Harry going eachother evil looks during the ride here and have a fight trying to chose a seat when we arrived? And secondly, is it bad that I was having tingles go up my arm when harry grabbed my hand? Uhhh I just do not know what to do!"

With that, they had a little grin on their face. "awh, my little Kass is in loooo-ooovee!" Lindsey said, mockingly.

"you don't know this, by I think Harry likes you as much as you like him," el told me.

"but what about Liam? I don't want to lose him as a friend but I really think that I like Harry! How do I tell Liam that I like Harry without hurting him?"

"why don't you go talk to him? He recently broke up with his girlfriend so maybe they can get back together? I don't know. Tell him that you really like him as a friend bUt nothing more. And then tell Harry how you feel. He will appreciate that you just came out and said it," El replied.

"but I dont want Harry and Liam to lose eachothers friendship over me!"

"Oh right....ok I have an idea. Tell Liam that you can't force love an that if you were with him it wouldn't be a true relationship." Lindsey said.

"perfect! Thanks linds and el! Now let's get out there before the boys suspect anything!" and we left the bathroom laughing.

When I got back, the sight I saw wasn't something I would think I would see.

Harry's POV

After the girls left the table, I continued our earlier conversation with Liam.

"Liam, can we please resolve this? I really like her. Actually I love her. I know I just met her yesterday but she is the one! When she held my hand, if felt like fireworks were going on in my body. My jaw dropped when I saw her in her dress. Please Li? I just really really like her. And it isn't like the others!!"

"ok Harry you can have her (I don't mean that as a piece of property)."

"i mean I really L....wait what did you say?"

"I said it is alright if you like her. I mean she is really pretty but I am still sorta getting over Danielle. And it isn't everyday that Harry styles says he love a girl."

Wait. Did I say that?

"Thanks Mate!!! I really appreciate!!" I said.

I quickly gave Liam a hug, and the girls returned.


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