Dreams Aren't Always True

Kassidy Payne. No, not Liam's sister, knew that she shouldn't have fallen for him. She just knew it. But the heart breaker, player and flirt just had to steal one more heart. And she never saw what was coming. Does Kassidy fall for Harry even though she knows how much of a flirt he is? And does she fall for him even though she has always had hatred towards him? Read to find out Kassidy and Harry's fate, love or hate.


3. Chapter 3: Eating lunch with the Lads


*so how do you like this story? I will try to update twice a week, with really long chapters!!! Ok? Thanks to fel and zo!!



Chapter 3 

Kassidy's POV

As soon as I got home, I looked up everything there is to know about Harry. His favorite colour is orange and blue, his birthday is February 1, 1994, his parents divorced when he was little, and his sisters name is Gemma. Just about everything there is to know about him. Just about. It seems like I couldn't get him off my mind, no matter how hard I tried. It is soo hard to do anything when a certain boy is on your mind.

I waited for my mum to get home before I started dinner. As i expected, she quickly asked me how my day went. I guess she just doesn't understand how much I despise those boys, so I decide to tell her.

"Mum, don't you understand how much I despise one Direction? They are so annoying...and just sooo predictable! And they aren't even cute!" I somewhat lied. I actually thought they were a bit attractive and some of their songs were pretty catchy and well written.

"Kassidy Ann Payne, go upstairs! You don't have to get all snappy with me! I was just trying to be the mother that I never had. Just, ughh. Get out of my face!"

"Well I am sorry that I am not the daughter you always wanted. I know you wanted a sweet little girl, but to you I am just a spoiled little brat."

"No Kass, I didn't mean it that way..."

"No, mum. Just save it...." I shouted, running up the stairs, crying.

Me and my mum never faught. She was like the big sister that i didn't have. Well I once had one, but she died when I was only 2 years old. I never knew her, but I feel like a part of me is missing.

As I thought about my missing sister, I slowly drifted off to sleep, sniffling.

~~~next morning~~~

I woke up with red, puffy eyes. Maybe I shouldn't cry before going to sleep.

Smiling, I hopped into the shower. I had to look nice today because Harry would be at school today. I could feel that this would be a good day and I am so ready.

I quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair and washed down my body, and slightly washing my face to hopefully make the puffy eyes less noticeable.

I decided on a peach pair of skinny jeans, a cream tank top, and a salmon jumper. I added some silver hoop earrings and decided on Bahamian sandals. I also decided to curl my hair and add a little bit of makeup. Today would be a good day.

When I went down stairs, I saw a plate of eggs on the counter and a note next to it from my mum. It read :


Sorry about our fight last night. I love you and I am very proud of you. I made you some eggs for your learning today! Have a good day at school hun.

Love, Mum

Aw, thanks mum. I quickly shoveled the eggs and sausage in my mouth, wanting to get to school as soon as possible, to not only show off my outfit to Lindsey but also to Harry and the other boys.

I grabbed my purse and shouted "Bye Mum!" even though I knew she wasn't home. I walked to Roxy and hopped in, anxious to get to Daniel Scott. As soon as i got there, I walked to my locker to get my books for first bell. I saw Lindsey, looking cute as usual, walk past hand in hand with Zayn. I gave her a cheeky smile and a wink and she returned the gesture.

I see Harry and the other walking behind Zayn and luckily Harry walks over to me and put one arm on my locker, like the cool kids in the movies.

"Hi there babe. If you don't already know me, I am Harry from One Direction. Yes I know what your thinking. 'OMG he is so sexy and just wanna sleep with him'. Well just wait and maybe I can work something out," he said, grinning madly, sliding me away from my locker so he could catch a glimpse of himself in my locker mirror.

"No, you know what? I didn't know you were Harry from this 'One Direction' but thanks for informing me. Now please move because I am getting my books." After I said that, he looked a little disappointed, but that was such a dick move

Wow, he actually is such a dousche! What in the world, Kass? I am soo glad I don't like him....oh who am I kidding? I loved that "bad boy" image he just pulled! It was just so sexy.

I walked to first bell, AP World Civ. Well this would be interesting. As one of the first in the room, I found a good seat in the back. I watch as some of my friends walk in, including Felicity and Zoe, but no One Direction. Zoe and felicity quickly ran up to me and gave me a little "eeek!"

"OMG, so have you seen any of the boys?" Zoe asked.

"Why should I care? I absolutely dispose them!" I slightly yelled back.

"well, geez, sorry! I don't mean to offend you," felicity replied, with air quotes around offend.

I started to apologize, but the bell rang, signalizing the start of class.

My second class was biology, which was always endless. Luckily, I sat in the back, so I didn't really have to pay attention. On top of that, my teacher loved me, so it didn't matter what I did. After that I had math, but it was a review day, so it went by in a blur. The only downside was that it meant I had a test the next day. Finally, fourth period came, which was my study hall. I had some literature homework left, but other than that, I was free to do whatever. Computers, read, or maybe even daydream about a certain curly haired lad- not that I did that, of course.

I met Lindsey at her locker before lunch as usual, and was almost disappointed that Zayn wasn't by her side. It was just a fact that wherever Zayn was, Harry and the others weren't far behind. We walked to lunch together and sat at our usual table with our friends. I didn't see One Direction anywhere, but I tried to hide my disappointment. I ate slowly, kind of zoning everything out, which is why I probably didn't notice it when Zayn first came up beside me. He whispered something in LIndsey's ear, and I could have sworn I saw a blush creeping up his cheeks. The other lads stood behind him nervously, and looked relieved when Lindsey told them to pull up some chairs.

And conviently, my curly haired crush decided to pull up his chair next to me.

"What do you want? Are you going to be a huge @#!*% like you were this morning? Or just assume that I want to sleep with you?" I said, slightly still annoyed with the way that he was treating me this morning.

"Oh, I am really sorry about this morning. I guess in was just trying to fit in to school because it has been a few years since i have gone to school, and I just forget how moody girls get."

"Wait..how moody girls get? You are just giving me many more reasons not to like you. Maybe I would forgive you if you apologized for being a bit of a dick.."

"Ok, ok. I am really sorry for this morning. I know I was a bit of a dick and I really want to apologize," he with a sincere look in his puppy dog eyes. It was just sooo cute.

"you are forgiven. Now please stop looking like that. That look is making me like you more than I should," I said.

Looking a bit taken back, he said, "well we wouldn't want that, now would we," seeming a lot more like his cheeky self. "Now, I didn't catch your name this morning. Can we redo our introductions?"

"sure. Hi, my name is Kassidy Payne, and no I am not related to your little friend over their," pointing to Liam. "And you are?"

"that is a very pretty name. And I am Harry. Nice to meet you," he said, holding his hand out for me to shake.

He seemed to be a lot nicer than he was this morning. I like that better than his "bad boy" image.

"So, how was your tour? Any pretty ladies catch your eye?" I asked slyly, tryin to get him to say my name.

"well there is this one girl. She is so gorgeous, but I didn't meet her on the tour. Actually, as soon as I saw Her, I instantly knew she was the one. But I don't think she likes me back," Harry replied.

Dissapointed, I replied, "Well, I hope that this girl realizes how sweet you are and how well you would treat her. "

"Thanks, Kass. I have been meaning to ask you if you and Lindsey woul like to join us tonight. We are going to the local Italian restaurant."

"sure, sounds fun. I'm sure Lindsey wouldn't mind." I said pointing to Lindsey and zayn, who were making cute, loving faces.

"Perfect. Pick you up at 7." we exchanged numbers an we parted ways. And it was perfect timing because the bell rang; time for 5th period.

"5th, 6th, and 7th period flew by because I was impationately waiting to get home to get ready for my big night. Lindsey decided to come over so we could get ready together.

When we got home, Lindsey ran up to my room to shower. I took one this morning so I decided to get ready. It may be only 4 p.m., but us girls need to work to be beautiful.

After Lindsey and I had showered, put on makeup, and fixed our hair, we both chose our dress. I guess lindsey likes my clothes better.

I chose a red cocktail dress and she chose a black skin-tight dress. We looked good. Now we just wait for Harry to text me and tell me he's here.

Harry's POV

When we got home, I could see the look on Liam's face. There was obviously a girl on his mind.

"Whos the girl, Li?"

"Well you remember the girl who sat at our table at lunch? Kassidy I think her name was? She is one of the prettiest girls I have ever laid eye on!"

"no, you can't like her! She's the girl that I like! She is the reason we are going to this school! I call dibs!" I yelled, feeling satisfied because I actually called dibs andshexan be mine.

"no, that's not fair! We should try to see which one she likes."

"fine! We will make it fair!"

Well this sucks. I thought she would be mine, no fighting with someone to get her. Oh Liam....it's on!

I ran upstairs to take a quick shower so I could get ready.

After my shower, I put my towel around my waist as I chose my outift. Jeans, a white tee, and topped it off with a black blazer. I had to look better than Liam.

By the time it was time to leave, me and the lads were looking spiffy, with our Chinos and our blazers. But I looked much better than Liam. Wow, I really do sound like a @#!*% bag.

I text Kassidy to tell her we are on our way.

Harry: Kass, we are leaving the flat. What's your address? :) xx

Kass: 1632 mountain court :) x

Harry: Perfect! Be there soon:D xx

I couldn't wait!!


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