Dreams Aren't Always True

Kassidy Payne. No, not Liam's sister, knew that she shouldn't have fallen for him. She just knew it. But the heart breaker, player and flirt just had to steal one more heart. And she never saw what was coming. Does Kassidy fall for Harry even though she knows how much of a flirt he is? And does she fall for him even though she has always had hatred towards him? Read to find out Kassidy and Harry's fate, love or hate.


1. Chapter 1: Do I like him?


Hey, so this is a new fan fiction and my friend Felicity helped me bunches! Thanks to all reading it


~Payt :)


“Come on sleepy head,” my mom said, waking me up.

“5 more minutes!!” I quickly refused.

“No, it’s time to wake up. Today is the big day! That one boy band is coming to school!”

Ugh, don’t remind me.

Just another day of school. Get up, go to school, avoid all people, survive, come home, sleep. Sounds like a plan.

Let me introduce myself. My names Kassidy Payne. I am 17 years old, one of the youngest seniors, and my best friends name is Lindsey Batterson. And no I am not Related to that kid Liam Payne. Ughhh One Direction honestly drives me nuts. Their songs are too catchy, their music sounds too familiar. And they aren't even cute.

Anyway, I got up to start my dreaded day at school. Today is the day my least favorite people come into school. They are coming to perform to us.  Doesn't seem normal now does it? Yeah, I didn’t think so either,  and believe me, I am NOT looking forward to it.

I take off all my clothes and jump into the shower and let the steaming water envelop me. I massage the pantene into my wavy brown locks.

I quickly jumped out so I could start getting ready for my dreadful day. I pulled up my skinny jeans, a new york off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, slipped on some uggs and completed the outfit with a scarf. Not too bad, right? I ran into the bathroom and quickly dried and straightened my hair. I put some basic makeup on and ran downstairs to put a bagel in the toaster....mmmm my favorite.

I gobbled down the bagel so I could get in the car to head off the school. I only live 5 minutes away so I was to school pretty fast. I hopped into Roxy, my car, and headed off to school.  As I walked into the building, I caught my best friend, Lindsey.

"Hey, Linds!" As always, she looked soooo cute with her red skinny jeans, white button up and black heels. She makes everything sooo cute!

"Hey Kass, does my hair look good? I don’t want Zayn to think that I look really bad!" she with a slight smile on her face, knowing how much that I hated them.

You see, Lindsey is very self conscious. She is the type of girl that needs a boy to live, whether it is a boyfriend or just a sex partner. She needs boys, so one direction keeps her mind off of the other boys. I should say thank you next time I see them....ehh better not.

I walk to my first class after I get my books from my locker and say my goodbyes to linds. I will see her in a few mins. The concert was in first bell.

I sit in the first seat I find and wait till my name is called for attendance. Lindsey better hurry. She one of the first called.

After attendance (Lindsey got in fast enough), we walked to the auditorium to find our seats. Since seniors are the first in the auditorium, Lindsey and I quickly find a front seat, unwillingly. We waited for the rest of the room to fill and an announcer came on.

"...and now we present One Direction!!!" and then a deafening roar comes over the crowd. There are quite a few fans, you see. And then comes my least favorite people on the stage, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Niall.

They play all of their annoying songs. When I think the concert is finally over, they sing one last song, Little Things. It is the sweetest song I have heard, telling every girl how beautiful they are. And all of the boys are soo passionate about this song. I can tell  that they really mean everything they are saying. And the Harry guy is actually kind of cute....no, Kass they aren't cute. You hate them.

The concert ends and we are all walking out, some people hoping to catch a glance of them.

And as a matter of fact I did see them. And let me tell you, they are much cuter in person. Quite attractive actually.

Harry, who is quite the charmer, smiles and winks at me. I could feel my insides melt and my cheeks blush. No! Kass don't feel that way! But, I want to! He is just so flawless, I mentally argued with myself.

Lindsey saw this little wink and gave me a smirk while she hit it off with Zayn.

I said my hellos and goodbyes to the boys and thanked them for coming. As I carried on with my day, making a pros and cons list on why I should and shouldn't like them, an announcement came over the speaker.

"Attention boys and girls I have some exciting news. One direction will be coming to this school for the rest of this year! Make them feel welcomed because they are starting tomorrow!"

Everyone started to cheer and even I joined in....because Harry Styles is going to my school.


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