Glimpse of the Future

This is a page from my personal journal. I wrote it at nearly midnight, during one of my deep thought processes. And reading it again, months later, I found it to be more true than ever. I thought I'd share. Comment below?


1. Bring Me the Horizon


The other night I was listening to music. Don’t Go by Bring me the Horizon came on my iPod and i got to thinking about life and how it works. Nothing is what you ever expect it to be. Then I remembered how people’s past shape who they become, whether it be good or bad. And how love can save people. And how sometimes just one person might keep someone from going over the edge and… These ideas just kept flowing and flowing and by the end of the song I had created a tiny glimpse of the future. My future, and what it might be like. And in that future, I didn’t see two perfectly happy people or an amazing perfect life that everyone else is jealous of. What I saw was love. Between the two most unexpected of people. And you know what? It looked hard. Their life was difficult. But their love… it was so easy.

I had seen myself in what I thought was a glimpse of the future. Or at least what my future might possibly be like. And I loved it. It wasn’t the kind of future that everyone dreams of.

But I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

And this is what wrote that night:

“I feel like… I am wasting my time wishing for perfection. And I’m wasting my time being the weak one who needs help. Being that person is easy. But I have this feeling that I won’t be that person in the future. I have a feeling that as an adult I’m going to be the innocent one, the strong one, the good one, the one that some messed up boy is going to have to rely on. I feel like I need to stop looking for that perfect man. Because I feel like… the man i end up with… he’s going to be far from perfect. I feel like my future holds a man who has gone through worse things than I can imagine and yet still finds a way to love. To love me. And I’m going to love him. It will be different from everything I ever imagined love to be like. But it’s going to be perfect.”

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