Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


9. Chapter 9

Lily's P.O.V

I got out of the car walking to the door holding Nialls hand, Louis following. I opened the door and Niall relased my hand and walked over to a man in a suite. They talked then the man nodded; Niall looked back at us, motioning us to follow.

We walked down a dark hall to a small door. The man pointed for us to go in and left us, confused.

"Is this like a room, or...?" I asked. Niall shrugged and opened the door. The lights were all dim, but in the center of the room was a white table with a spot-light  making it look as thougth it was glowing. There was a candle in the middle of the table, the flame moving back and forth. I smiled and took a seat, right in the middle. Niall rubbed my knee and smiled.

"Do you like it?" I nodded and he walked me over to my seat, pulling it out like a gentleman.

Louis walked over slowly, and just played with his fork.

"Niall do you want to go find the waiter?" He nodded and got up leaving me and Lou alone.

"Hey, Lou." He looked up and then back down.

"I doesn't feel right being here with you and Niall." He said plain with no emotion. He started to get up, but I pulled him down.

"Where do you think your going?" I smirked hoping he would sit down. I was wrong.

He got up and walked  right out the door. I looked down at the floor, sad.

Louis P.O.V

I couldn't stay there and watch the two 'love birds', it hurt to much. I walked to a coffee shop close to the resturant.

The waiter walked over to me and I ordered a water, not really wanting coffee. She wrote it down and walked away. I was still thinking about Lily and Niall. I just left without much to say. But I couldn't watch them kiss, hug, just be in... love. I closed my eyes so one one could see the tears forming in my eye.

The waiter came back with my water. I left some money on the table and left. I started to walk when i came across a small park. No one was there so I sat on a bench and listened to the birds chirp and the down of the wind blowing the trees. I closed my eyes and was about to fall asleep when my phone started buzzing. I unlocked my phone, a text from Harry.

Hey mate, where are you?

Just at a small park.

I thought you were with Lily and Niall? Why are you at a park?

Me and El broke up and to see them together... it was to soon.

Sorry to hear that mate. Do you want me to come get you?

No, lad stay home. I'll see you later.

Alright Lou, bye.


I jammed my phone in my pocket to it buzzing again. I thought I just said good-bye to Harry?

It was Lily. I opened the text.

Lou, can we talk?

Sure. When?

Now. Where are you?

At a park, I dont know which one. But its by the resturant.

I'll find it, dont move!

Ok. See you soon.

I stuck my phone in my pocket and laid down. I closed my eyes, driffing off to sleep. I woke up and found Lily sitting on top of me.

"Lou, wake up.....Lou?" I smiled and she got off.

"Hey love." I sat up and looked down at her. I laughed to myself.

"Why are you laughing?" She smirked and pretending to look mad.

"You, your so short." I  laughed harder. I couldn't help it.

"Meanie." She put on a pouty face.

"Awh." I wrapped my arms around her in a hug.  I looked down at her and I started to lean in.

"No." She moved away. "No Louis."

"Sorry, I just......" I looked at the ground. How could I do that! She's with Niall.

"It's fine." There was a pause. " Lou?"

"Yeah?" She seemed curious.

"Do you have feelings for me, as more than a freind?" I looked her in the eye and couldn't think of what to say.

"Yes." She just looked up, tears forming in her eyes.

"When did these feelings start?" She said in a raspy voice.

"Tonight, a minute ago..." I paused. " I juist realized what my feelings are for you."

She just nodded and looked me in the eye.

"I am with Niall, Lou." I nodded. Why did this have to happen?

Lily's P.O.V

Did I like Lou.... No. I am with Niall, I love him.

"I know, and your both happy."  He looked down, staring at the sidewalk. I lifted his chin up and looked into his eyes. I didn't see love, but sadness. I hugged  him and then a second later he pulled back, still holding me. Before I knew if his lips were smashing into mine. I was surprised at first, but later moved in sync with his. He pressed harder,sliding his tounge against my lip. I allowed, as he pulled me closer.  I started grabbing his shirt, digging my nails into his back.

After a minute I realized I wasn't kissing Niall. I pulled back shock on my face. Niall's going to hate me.

I looked into Louis eyes and saw it. Love. 

"Louis. I can't do this..." He just looked at me and nodded.

"I know. But I really like you Lily." I felt my heart beat so fast I thought I was going to explode.

"Louis, I love Niall." Why couldn't he understand.

"If you loved Niall you wouldn't have kissed back." He was right.

"Louis, I was caught up in the moment..." He looked crushed and broken.

" I am sorry Louis I...."

"No. It was my fault, I take full blame. I was just wanting someone to fix my broken heart." I nodded and stood up.

"I think we should go." He got up right after and I called a taxi. I got back to my flat and fell asleep on the couch. I can't believe that just happened. How was I going to tell Niall?




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