Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


8. Chapter 8

I woke up laying on the floor with Lily on my chest. She looked arodable, her hair lightly drapping over her face. I lightly placed it behind her ear. She snuggled closer to me sperating all space between us. She fluttered he green eyes open, shinning when the light reached them.

"Good morning." She smiled and laid her head in my shoulder. I stroked her hair sliding it behind her ear.

"Moring love." I moved out of her arms and threw on my boxers. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. I walked back to the living room, finding Lily putting on her clothes.

"Need some help?" She jumped and dropped her shirt.

"Oh my... Niall, you scared me." I started laughing, she was to easy. I grabbed her from behind, and leaned in and whipsered in my ear.

"I love you." Then kissed it.

"I love you too." She turned around and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I smiled and lifted her up bridal-style.

"I am going to marry you one day." She giggled and blushed.

"Maybe.." She wiggled out of my arms and ran upstairs.

Lily's P.O.V

I reached the bedroom and shut the door. I was laughing uncontrolably. I laid on the bed waiting for him to burst threw the door. I was sitting there for awhile until I felt my eyes start to close. I laid down and crawled under his covers. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

~~1 hour later~~

I woke up to the sound someone singing lightly in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Louis staring down at me. It surprised me at first, and he noticed it.

"Wake up sleepy head." He smiled holding my phone.

"Thanks...So how are you?" I sat up and reached for my phone. Louis face went immediately red. He looked away fast and I realized that I was only wearing my bra.

"" I grabbed the blanket and wraped myself in it.

"Its ok.. I just wasn't expecting that." He smiled and walked out of the room. A second later Niall walked in confused.

"Why does Louis look so embarassed?" He sat at the end of the bed wrapping his arm around me.

"Um..When he came in here to wake me up.. I, uh, got up and was only in my bra." His eyes widend and he started to laugh. He ran out of the room.

Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe it! Lou saw he pratically saw her naked! That just made me laugh.

I ran downstairs to find Lou staring at the wall. I came up behind him and touched his shoulder. He jumped so bad he fell of the couch.

"Ha Lou scared you." He just stared at me with a pissed look. I laughed, as he got up and sat back down on the couch.

"Sorry man.. I didnt know.." He was glaring at the ground.

"It's fine lad, its not like you knew." He did a half grin and looked up. 

I got up and walked into the kitchen to find Lily rummaging threw the cupborad.

"Hey love." She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Hi. Lets do something tonight." She kissed my neck up to my cheek.

"Well, its already 5:00. How about we go out for dinner?" I swung my hand around her waist pulling her closer.

"Sounds great... But I want my third wheel and his date to come to." She smiled and pointed to where Lou was. Then went back to digging in the cupborad.

I walked out of the kitchen and found Louis sobbing with his phone in his hand.

"Lou. You alright Lad?"  He looked up and nodded, tears in his eyes.

"El, just dumped me." He said in between sobs.

"Ah, sorry mate."

Lily's P.O.V

I walked out of the kitchen,to see Niall rubbing Louis back. I set my snack down and sneeked up behind them.

"...Mate she doesn't deserve your love if she's just going to break your heart." Niall said, as Lou nodded his head.

"I thought she really loved me..." He sobbed. " I just wish.. My heart wasn't breaking so much lad." Niall kept rubbing his back. I thought it was adroable how Niall was helping.

I walked up behind them and wrapped my arms around the both of them. Niall just smiled and whispered in my ear.

"Thanks, I got to take a leak." I smiled as he ran away. I looked back to Lou. He looked so innocent.  I rubbed his tears that were falling onto his shirt.

"Hey.. how you feeling?" He looked up and stared at me. I rubbed his back and leaned into his shoulder. 

"Lou." I asked.

"Yeah Lily?"

"Do you, maybe, want to go out with me and Niall to eat?" I smiled.

"Sure. Sounds perfect." He grinned and started to laugh.

"What? What is it?" He kept laughing to himself.

"Lou tell me!" I shoved him making him fall. He laughed harder.

"Niall, must be having some troubles; He's been in there for awhile." He said between giggles. I laughed to smiling.

"I think I'll check on him." I got up leaving Lou to himself.

I got to the bathroom and knocked on the door. No reply.

"Niall? You in there?" I opened the door. He wasn't in there.

I walked to the bedroom, the door was shut. I opened it and found Niall laying on the bed. I walked over to him and curled up next to him. He wiggled and turned around. I smiled as he smashed his warm lips against mine. I pulled back smiling.

"I am going to take a shower. Want to join me?" He smirked.

"Louis' here." He made a pouty face.

"Louis!" He shouted. "Are you still here!" I didn't here a reply. I got up and walked downstairs.

I found a note on the table:

Hey mate,

Left to go freshin up for later. See you soon!

                                            - Love Boo Bear

I put the note down and ran upstairs to find Niall stripping. I ran up behind him and jumped on him. He grabbed my legs and dragged me to the bathroom. He took of this pants and the rest, and jumped in the shower. I quickly followed and climbed in after him.

~After Shower~

I ran to the closet and picked out a navy and white strap-less dress. The chest had white across with sparkles, while the bottom navy, puffy, just above my knee. I admired my reflection in the mirror. I walked to the bathroom and applied some make up; only choosing mascara with some fondation.

I walked down stairs to Louis and Niall downstairs, all dressed up.

"Aw look at my two cuties. How did I get so lucky?" Niall smiled and kissed me.

"Come here Lou, you know you want a hug." He smiled and came and wrapped me in a big hug.

"Thanks." He whispered in my ear.  I nodded and smiled.

"Are we ready to go?" They nodded and we headed for the resturant.




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