Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


3. Chapter 3

I wake up on Nialls couch.  I look around and get up and walk to the bathroom. My hair is a mess, and I have some smeared makeup. I quickly whip it off and grab a comb. "Look who's up?" I flinch and turn to see Niall smiling in the door way. "I look like a mess." He walks up to me and kisses my cheek. "I think you look great." He smiles and takes my hand. We go to the kitchen, he has popcorn and candy out. I take a glance at the clock. It was 2:00. "Oh my god I slept that long!" I grab the candy and eat some. Niall laughs. "What's this about anyways?" He walks over to the cabinet with the movies in it. "We never finished what we planned last night." I laugh and take the food to the couch.  "Did you figure out the movie?" I took some more candy. I was really hungry. He picked  the movie  Apartment 143. This movie always scared me. When the worst part came I stuck my head under the blanket. Niall grabbed me. "It's a movie, plus I am here." He grins ands laughs to himself. "I bet if you were in that movie you would be scared."  "I wouldn't because I know how to move out and leave!" I give him a shove and went to get a soda. "You want one?" I look back to the couch.  "Yes. Please." I sneak up on him and grab his shoulders.  "Ahhhh!" He looks back and smiles. "I got you!"  I give him the soda and he grabs my waist and pulls me over  the couch.  He starts to tickle me. "Niall stop!" I try to get away but he's to strong. "Niall!" He finally let go.  "I had to get back love."  He gets up and goes to the kitchen.  "Lily let's go some where."  "Ok!" I quickly run up the stairs and get in the shower. I decided to wear a sweater and scurf and white jeans and flats. "Ready?" Niall looks around the corner of the stairs. I run past him. "Yep!"  "Niall, where are we going?"  "Harry's flat." He takes a glance at me. "Um.. Ok." I look out the window the rest of the drive. When we get there Niall came around and opened my door. We walked up to the flat.  *knock knock* "Hello." "Hey!" Niall walked in. "Hi Lily."  "Hey Harry." I walk past him to where Niall was sitting. I watched Harry walk in and sit alone. I got up and sat next to him. "Harry...." He cut me off. "Oh Lily I am so sad. She didn't even say goodbye she just...... "Come on let's go somewhere private." We got up and went out on the balcony.   "She just kissed me and drove away. I thought nothing was wrong, I called her the next day and no answer. So I decided to go out and get some coffee. I....I saw her with another guy. They were talking and I kept watching from the window... I ..... I saw her kiss him. She saw me and got up and started running. I just got in my car and drove and drove... "  Harry was starting to cry. I grabbed him and hugged him. "Harry I'm so sorry."  "Hey there you..." Niall stared are Harry. I let go of Harry who was wiping  his eyes. "Hi Niall." I got up and walked over to him. He turned away and walked down stairs. "He's mad." I started to cry. I couldn't take losing Niall. I just couldn't. "Lily come here." I walked over and started to cry in Harrys shoulder.

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