Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


14. Chapter 14

It has been a long few weeks - horrible few weeks. I couldn't help but feel has though Niall was avoiding me.

I was on the couch watching my favorite T.V show. I felt my eyes start to close and let sleep overwhelm me. I was nearly asleep when I heard screaming. I sat up and looked around.

"Niall!" I shouted. I walked along the hallway, waiting for - anything. I opened the bedroom door . Nothing. I walked around and heard the shower running. I went to the door and opened it.

"Niall?" I opened the shower curtain.

"Lily. I- I fell." I turned off the shower.

"Come here." I helped him get up.

"Ow." He grabbed his broken arm.

"Are you alright?" He nodded and grabbed the towel on the rack. I walked him over to the living room.

"How's your arm?" I asked as I walked to the bedroom and grabbed his clothes.

"It hurts, but I don't think anything bad happened." I helped him get dressed. As I was helping him pull up his pants I saw scraps and bruises.

"Niall, you have some cuts." He leaned over and looked. I went and got some Band-Aids and some disinfectant spray. He was moving around trying to see the cuts when I came back. I sat down on the floor and opened one of the Band-Aids. I started to spray on one of his cuts and he winced in pain.

"Sorry." I placed on the bandage.

"Don't. I like when you play doctor." He grinned.

"Niall. Stop." I smiled.

"I can't help it." I finished covering and cleaning the cuts. He finished getting dressed.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Fine. My arm hurts a bit but its not that bad." I smiled.

"Good." He laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"I just thought of something." He giggled some more.

"What?" My eyebrows raised.

"Maybe you should just shower with me so I don't fall." He smiled.

"Maybe." I laughed. I scooted over from the spot I was on the couch and laid on his warm chest. I breathed in his familiar scent. I relaxed and my eyes finally closed.


I woke up and found a note placed by my head. I read it and placed it on the side table. I got up and went towards the kitchen. I pasted a mirror and saw my reflection. My hair was a mess and I had some smeared make-up under my eyes. I turned around and headed back to the shower. Did I really look like that in front of Niall? I turned the hot water on and let my stress wash away.

*Authors Note*

Sorry for the short chapter! I'll write more next time:) Please, comment, like, and favorite! 

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