Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


12. Chapter 12

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up and felt Lilys cold body near mine on the couch. I pulled her closer and grabbed the blanket by our feet. I closed my eyes and driffed off to sleep.


I woke up and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, I was already dressed.


I walked up stairs and looked in every room. Where was Lily? I searched and searched when I gave up and tripped down the stairs. I crused under my breath. I got up and was a little dizzy, I decided I needed some air. I grabbed me jacket and walked out the door, shutting it behind me. I turned the corner and lost my breath.

Lily was in Louis arms, kissing. She saw my and pulled apart from his lips. She smirked and started kissing Louis harder and started to take off his shirt. My heart completely broke in two.

I ran away until I came to a dark spot. I ran inside and I couldn't see a thing. I started to panic, where was the exit? There was no way out... I ran and ran and fell to my knees.

I woke up screaming and crying. I fell off the couch hitting the floor. Hard.

Lily woke and quickly sat up. She turned her head around looking for something. She finally looked down and saw me laying on the floor. She gasped.

"Niall! Are you ok?" She got up and sat down next to me.

I nodded and tried to sit up. I moved my arm, and pain shored threw my body. I winced and fell back down. 

I finally got up with the help of Lily, and was sitting on the couch.

Lily's P.O.V

After I looked at Nialls arm I could tell he need more then a bag of ice and a kiss.

I got up grabbed my keys and tossed Nialls jakcet at him. He slowly put it on and stood up.

"Where are we going?" He asked.

"The hospital. Your arm might be broken." He smiled.

"Who's playing docter." I laughed.

"Come on, put those shoes on." He obeyed.

I got to the car and opened the back door. I crawled over the seat and got in the drivers.

"Awh, babe you opened the door. Just for me?" I smiled.

"Yeah, now jet in!" He chuckled.

We arrived at the hospital and I helped him out. We walked to the entrance and I told him to take a seat and wait.

I walked over to the lady sitting behind the desk. She was on the phone and didn't seem that interested in what I had to say.

"Excuse me, miss? I was wondering if I could get someone to help me?" She looked at me and just went back to talking on the phone. I got angry.

"Excuse me." I said louder and Niall got up.

"Excuse me miss, I need a docter I hurt me arm real bad." She smiled and hung up. Bitch.

"Yes, I will see if I can get you a room." He smiled and took my hand. We walked over and before we sat down she waved over to use to follow her.

After we got to the room Niall crawled onto the bed and laid down. I sat down and the nurse closed the door.

"I have a boo-boo." He smirked.

"I can fix it." I giggled.

I walked over to the side of his bed and he pulled me on top of him. I giggled and he pressed him warm lips against mine. I sat up in his lap and kissed his check.

"All better?" I smiled.

"Better than before." He smiled and kissed my cheek. A second later a docter walked in and awkwardly grunted. I blushed and went back to my seat.

"Alright, Mr. Horan, I hear your arm is hurting you?" The docter asked.

"Thats right." Niall nodded.

"Oh, excuse me, I am Dr. Adams." He smiled and stuck out his hand. Niall shook it and said hello.

After a long 3 hours of testing and waiting, we found out that Nialls arm really was broken. The docter said that we would need a cast and would only have to wear it for 3 weeks. We grabbed the papers of appointments and left.


Niall's P.O.V

I was terrifed at the hospital. If the docter or even Lily asked how I hurt my arm, it would be hard to explain. What would Lily think if I told her. I can't, at least not right now. I stripped myself to my boxers and crawled under the covers with Lily. I laid there wide awake. What if the dream came true. How could I go on without her. And if she went to Lou. I slamed my eyes shut and started to think about all the fun times me and Lily had, and when we met. I let a tear fall down my face before falling asleep.


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