Miss Soto Saved Me

This is for the Connecticut shootings.


2. Chuck.

My name is Chuck. I was there the day that Miss Soto saved my life during the Connecticut shootings. If there was a true hero that day, it was Miss Soto. She fought for the kids in her class and didn't struggle when she died. She saved my life.

It all started an early Friday morning. I was getting ready for school, mom was making breakfast, and dad was reading his morning newspaper drinking some orange juice. I ran down the stairs with my new red backpack I got the weekend before jumping up and down on my back. I was so excited for today. We were gonna go shopping after school for some new school supplies...mine got stolen. My mom smiled at me, took my backpack, and slid a plate of pancakes that she had just pulled off the griddle onto my spot at the dining room table. She left and came back with an orange juice as I started in on my pancakes.

My dad folded down his newspaper, smiled, and adjusted his glasses on his nose. "Hey buddy, big day today, huh? You excited?"

"I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to this all week! I'll finally get those crayons that Derek has!" I replied enthusiastically.

"That's great little buddy. I hope you have a good day at school today. I gotta run, but I'm looking forward to seeing you after school today. You'll have to draw me a picture with your new crayons." He stood up, grabbing his briefcase, kissed my mom, and left through the front door.

"Hurry up, Chuck. You're gonna be late for school!" My mom smiled at me and took my plate and put it in the sink.

We hurried to the car, buckled up and before I knew it, I was at school in my classroom.

Miss Soto was giving a class about addition. "Chuck, what's two plus five?" She smiled at me.

But before I had the time to answer, the principal's voice rang through the school in a panicked voice saying, "The school is going into lock down. This is not a drill. Lock the doors and close the blinds and turn off the lights."

Miss Soto turned from the class and grabbed her keys off her desk and promptly locked the door. While she was over there, she flipped the light switch to off and stood back in front of the class. She signaled us to gather over there while she closed the blinds.

"Don't panic children. I promise you'll go home today and be with your families. I'm scared too. But don't let that get in your way. For now, we have to hide, I hear footsteps coming. I love you guys. You are my life." She whispered through all of our quiet tears.

That's when I thought my life was over, when the knocks started at the door.

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