Miss Soto Saved Me

This is for the Connecticut shootings.


3. Chuck 2.

"Children, you have to keep quiet. Hide in the cabinets and close them. I'm giving you permission to stand on the tables to get to them." She smiled through her tears.

Everyone started to go, but I stood and said, "What about you, Miss Soto? You don't fit in there."

"It's okay, I'll find another place." She smiled, her smile saying that she wouldn't find one, but she was thankful that I cared.

I ran up with the other students who left the door open for me so when I climbed in, we stopped crying and it went dark. The next thing I heard was the door being left alone, but the forceful budge of it opening. I could smell the fear that was given off by Miss Soto.

"Where are the kids?" A husky, angry voice shouted at Miss Soto.

"You just missed them, they went to the gym, I was just hanging out in-" Miss Soto's voice was ended by gunshot and a loud thump on the floor.

We all held our gasps in. The man grunted and walked out the door. We heard gunshots for a while after that, when it all finally ended.

"The school is secure children, you are safe." A man's voice spoke over the intercom. "This is the police, you can trust us." I pushed the door of the cabinet to police who were crowding over an area that was where Miss Soto laid. Dead.

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