Broken to a thousand pieces

Helena and Magnus are happy together till Helena gets a text from Magnus. Read to find out :)


2. Oh god...

After my spanish class, I had Maths... Oh my god, Lucky me I had my books here! But my teatcher gave me a death glare, since I was like 2 mins. to late! How nice? My math class, went fast! But the after the maths, it was my lunch pause, I knew Magnus and his gang was going to talk to me! I went to the cafeteria, and there was Magnus, Andreas, Tom, Mathias and the new kid, Niall... They're sitting there I use to sit with the girls, and before with Magnus... ~Flash Back~ I was sitting on Magnus lap ''Babe, promise you'll never leave me?'' I said peeking hin on the lips. ''Yes, baby! I'll never ever leave you! I just love you too much! You're mine, now promise me that you'll never leave me!'' he said looking me in my eyes ''I promise love! you're mine and I'm yours!'' I said presing my forehead to his. ~Flash Back Ended~ I walked past the table, then Magnus grabed my wrists, and draged me over to his lap as he spoke up ''Baby, it wasn't what you think! It was autocorrect! I swear it was, beautiful!'' I just rolled my eyes and tried to leave him, but he was so much stronger than me ''Yeah, lie a bit more! I'm not Rihanna, I don't like the way you lie!'' I spat in his face. The new kid, smiled a bit for him self, then Magnus asked what was so funny, and he stuck up for me and said ''Nothing really, but I think you should let the lady go, she don't want to be with you so let her go!'' Magnus got really mad, and pushed me off his lap so I fell onto the floor. I didn't care, as long as he let me go I was happy. I got up and found some people I knew, just to chat and chill, but the news about me and Magnus was every where... I just said that I was ingle and stuff, than the bell rang, now we have P.E. my favorite class in the whole day! We had voley, and I just love voley so this wasn't that bad any way! Again, I just spoke a tad early... Halfway in the game some chick trew the voleyball on my face... I began to bleed, it hurt really much... But I just cleaned my nose and continued to play, since I'm the popular bad girl, i just got to keep playing bad and rough! We plaied voley for 15 more mins. so we could go and shower. In the shower, all girls were wispering, and looking weird at me... F*ck F*ck F*ck, this is like really akward! When I finished the shower, and was fully dressed I went out to my next class, History... On my way, I bumped into a blonde haired kid, and it was Horan, Niall Horan the new kid that stuck up for me! ''Hi, Helena!'' he said bitting his lower lip. ''Hi Niall, what's up?'' I said mocking him. He laughs a little and says ''Nothing, but I was wondering, if I could get your number? I just moved here and maybe you could tour me in town?'' inside I was melting, he was famous! And hot, like burning hot! ''Uh yeah, so uhm here's my number and after school we could like begin the tour then?'' I said waking up from my day dream! ''Yeah sure and thanks!'' he said peeking my cheek. I want my school day to end soon!

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