Broken to a thousand pieces

Helena and Magnus are happy together till Helena gets a text from Magnus. Read to find out :)


1. Bad day,

~Hey, sorry if my fan fic sucks but its my first one...~

Today was going to be a good day, I hope... I am going out with my boyfriend, Magnus! We've been dating for 2 years now, I met  Magnus in a mall for 4 years ago. I was walking around with my friends, till I bumped to someone, and that someone was Magnus! He asked for my number do we could catch up sometime, I gave him my number, and after that we always talked! First we was bestfriends, till one day Magnus kissed me on the lips and asked me out, I never had felt so good like that day. Now back to today, I am getting ready for school, just to look a tad good. 

Wen I came to school I got a message from Magnus:

Hey, lovely! Helena and I are going out today, like after school, but I'm droping her of to her place like 3 pm so we can meet up after that?

When I read that, my heart broke to pieces, so I texted back:

Look who you're texting first f***ing idiot!

I got a few messages from Magnus after that but I just ignored him. I just went to my first class, Spanish, oh god can this day get worse? Yes it can, of course it can, I just spoke a tad early... I forgot my spanish books at home and all my friends are at Oslo due a fotball match they have today! So I am alone at school, beside there's like 300 people in my school, but I don't know a half of them... WORST DAY EVER!

~Hello, again! This is my first chapter, so I hope it's good tho!~

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