Just Keep Running...

Delilah.. The Last Child Of 3.. She Lives A Very Lonley Life.. She Cant Go to School,She Cant Go Outside,She Cant o To The Store To Buy Milk Like Her Brother And Sister.. She Decides To Pack Up And Run.. Will She Make It To Her Dreams To Meet Lots Of New People With Out Getting Caught By Her Siblings While They're On Tour? Will She Find Her True Love? Can She Live Her Life to The Fullest Befor She Gets Caught? You Can Find Out In ' Just Keep Running... '


1. Before I Ran.


Wensday March 21st 2013.


Hi Im Delilah. Sister Of Alyssa Malik And Zayn Malik. You May Think I Love My Life. Your So Wrong My Life Stinks... No Joke.. You'd Be Asking Why? I Cant Leave The House. I Cant Go Outside.. Im Stuck In This Hell Hole.. You See. Its A Law A Stupid law i cant leave. or my mom and dad will goto jail then they'll kill me.. So i stay in side.

End~ ( Of Diary )                                            Page One.


' Delilah!!! Get Down Stairs Your Brother And Sister Are Leaveing for tour!!'

'Comeing Moom!!' I Rush Down The Stairs To Say Good Bye. But Where Are They??

' Mum Where Are They?'

' Oh They Are Outside.......'

' What. The. HELL. I CANT GO OUTSIDE YOU ... YOU.. MOM!!!' I Scream At Her.. She My Step-mum She Killed My REal Mom.. My Dad Dosnt Know That... He Thinks He Did It..So He Killed Him Self Also.. After He Married The Mother Fu--- Mom Over There...

Ill Tell You More Later


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