The Luck of the Irish

Rachel has always had it tough. Close calls, devastating losses, and terrible encounters. But when she meets Niall he turns her life aroound in so many ways. But as the world continues to move she becomes conflicted in more ways then one. And she will be force to choose between two things she would never thought she would have to choose between.


2. The One

Niall's POV

"Man, I hate going through airport security" I complained whislt putting my things in one of the grey plastic bins.

"I know right, I feel like I am getting half naked when I take the belt off of my trousers." Harry exclaimed.

"Harry you walk around the tour bus with nothing but underware on, if we're lucky. This should be nothing."

"This is true."

Just as we got through security a mob of screaming girls randomly appears out of nowhere. I pose for a few pictures and signed a bunch of papers, one girl even asked me to sign her forehead because she didn't have paper. I ended up signing her hand but Louis and Harry signed her head.

As we made our way to the seating area I felt like I was being swallowed by girls, and I had to push my way through the crowd. After i signed a few more pictures the rest of the girls moved onto Liam and Zayn. As I started to relax I looked directly across from where i was sitting and saw this beautiful girl. I saw that she was starring at me and I started to feel as though I was a the top of a really tall roller coaster and I was about to fall. Hard. My heart felt light and airy, I was...was....breathless. She quickly turned away, as she did so her long wavey brown hair wipped around from her back to her shoulder.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her until Liam snapped me back from cloud nine back to reality.

"Ready to go to Dover?" We were currenty in Manchester but we had to take a trip London. But since there weren't any direct flights to London avalible we had to take two.

"Yeah I guess why are we going so early though, our tour doesn't sttart for another three months?"

"I guess Paul wants to make sure we are ready and so that we can get plenty of vocal practices in without straining our voices."

"Ok Mr.Brainy, what is our flight number to London?"

"59, so about another hour of waiting." Ugh! Waiting for an hour....I'm gonna need some food.

As I was thinking of food I heard a loud voice scream. "Flight 51, Flight 51!" As he screamed through the microphone, the girl I was starring at earlier got up and gathered her things and walked over to the tunnel. When she walked, she didn't, she seemed to glid over the tiles. When she reached the line she gave me another quick glance and her big brown eyes lite up when she saw me looking back. She handed the attendant her ticket and walked into the tunnel to board the plane. As I sat there thinking about food and how beautiful she looked (but mostly her) I looked over to where she was sitting and saw that there was a phone. I looked around quickly and walk over and grabbed the phone. It was her phone, it had a picture of her and someone else on the lock screen like all IPhones have. "What's that?" Louis asked.

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