Questions for the Unspeakable


1. The kids

Who can imagine this?

Could you imagine driving your kid(s) to school and telling them you'll help them with their homework after school, kiss them and hug them, telling them to have a good day, not knowing that you'll never see them alive again?

Well, neither did 40 other parents. 40 parents without their kids, one to two weeks before Christmas.

These kids didn't do anything wrong. They didn't attack the 20-year old who shot them, ending their lives forever. These kids had so much to look forward to. They had holidays coming up and they did the same thing as the rest of us. They made a list for Santa with all the things they wanted for Christmas, but we will get our things and we have to go through Christmas knowing that they'll never get to wake up on Christmas morning with their families.

The worst part is, they were 6-8 years old. They didn't do anything in their lives. They haven't traveled the world. They haven't been out of the US. They'll never see the Eiffel Tower, or The Roman Coliseum. They will never get to fulfill their dreams.

What about those parents? Obviously, the kids fared the worst, but isn't it almost as bad for the parents who have to find the will to live on. They have to wake up Christmas morning without their kids, without their life, for the first time in years. What are they supposed to do? How are they supposed to clean out their rooms, how do they tell their families? What do they do with their presents they just bought them?

My prayers go out to the kids, the teachers, and the parents who will never spend another Christmas with their beloved families.
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