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Jackie was kiddnapped and raped. Once she excaped she meets One Direction and two of the boys fall for her. Even though she has scars from the torture of the man who took at the age of 12. But, the man finds her and is ready to kill anyone to get her back.


5. The hospital

Jackie's POV
I woke up and looked to the side and saw the worst thing I possibly could. It was Ed. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs. When we stopped for a stop light I ran out of the car. I ran to the hospital. I looked down and noticed blood all over my shirt and hands. When I arived there I collapsed.
Niall: Doctor! We need a doctor!
I saw a bunch of shadows surrounding me. Then I blacked out.

Niall's POV
I saw Jackie running into the hospital holding her ribs where Ed had shot her. Then she just collapsed.
Me: We need a doctor!
A bunch of nurses surrounded her. They were taking her into the ER. Then a different doctor came out.
Doctor: Harry is in very critical condition. He needs a blood transfusion
Louis: I'll do it.
We had to wait three days for any more information about how they were doing.
Doctor: Jackie is on very heavy medication and she just had a surgury to get the bullet out. You can visit her.
We all ran in like wildmen.
Jackie: Don't hurt your selves now!
Me: How are you feeling?
Jackie: Tired, Happy, Sleepy, Exhausted, Scared-
Me: Okay I get it!
Jackie started to laugh.
Zayn: You hungry?
Jackie: I can't eat for two hours.
Liam: Need anything?
Jackie: Stop treating me like I'm a queen! It's annoying!
Louis: But, your hurt and we want to do anything we can for you.
Jackie: Seriously! I'm fine!
Me: Okay.
Only one person could stay in her room at night so we switched every night. The first night while I was staying there i heard a loud ringing beep. The line was dead.
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