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Jackie was kiddnapped and raped. Once she excaped she meets One Direction and two of the boys fall for her. Even though she has scars from the torture of the man who took at the age of 12. But, the man finds her and is ready to kill anyone to get her back.


2. Questioning

Jackie's POV

While Harry, Liam and Louis were getting me clothes. I was being questioned by Niall and Zayn.

Niall: Why were you running?
Me: I don't wanna talk about it.
Zayn: Please?
Me: No!
Zayn and Niall: PLEASE?!?!
Me: Fine.

I told them the whole story but, what I didn't tell you yet was that I have scars all over my body. But, I didn't tell them Ed's name.

Niall hugged me.

Niall: I'm so sorry.
Me: It's not your fault.
Niall: Do you remeber your parents?

I shook my head. A tear streamed down my cheek. Niall wiped it off.

I cried into his chest and then I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt someones arms wraped around me and I was in a bed. So I screamed.

Niall: Are you okay?
Me: Thank god it's you!!
Niall: I'm sorry for frightening you.
Me: It's fine.

A second later the door slammed open and four boys walked in.

Liam: What happened?
Me: I got scared
Harry: From what?
Me: Uhhh nothing........
Louis: Okay well I wanna go to sleep so goodnight.
Me: Goodnight.

They walked out and I cuddled with Niall and fell asleep in an angels arms.

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